• Statut : Diplômés
  • Pays actuel : France

Father of 3 kids, married, having sailing (funboard, kitesurfing, sailing), tennis, golf as hobbies, I enjoyed 20 YEARS of professional experience which lead me TO:
Gather expertise in following areas:

  • Software (validation and development)
  • Telecom, mobile/wireless & automotive industries

My main roles were:

  • Engineering Manager
  • Program director (PMO, Program, projects)
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Business and strategy officer

The location where I worked

  • Europe: U.K, Sweden, Germany, France
  • Asia Pacific: India/China (+ creation of engineering teams in Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Vietnam, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong)

– Finishing in 2018 November: Executive MBA allowing me to have an overall understanding of all activities in a company (business, strategy, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Engineering, Program)
– Working at Renault in Strategy & operation officeIN NEXT 3 YEARS:

I would like to use my previous experiences & my executive MBA training by:

  • Accompanying the creation or/and development of a company international activities
  • Working with executives in contributing & executing their company strategy through dedicated & challenging missions (average 6 months/ 1 year). In the beginning to better understand the company overall operations & Teams & medium term to be part of an executive committee allowing to share and implement a vision as well as lead teams to execute a co

Key words about me:

  • Leadership
  • Interpersonal skills & people oriented
  • International & multicultural
  • Challenge driven
  • Passionate and pragmatic
  • Focused on delivering
  • Curious
  • Creative

What TBS brought to me :
So far, my professional experience was based on engineering and technical skills. I wanted to integrate a business training to complement my knowledge with marketing, financial, business and strategic knowledge. Toulouse business school what’s the best fit for me so graphically but as well with the content to propose for this training. after 2 years of studies I confirm the choice was correct and completely fitted my expectations. if I had to find a negative aspect that will be that the only for the executive MBA does not have yet or large network. However, this can be compensated by the large are only corporation that the school has through all other trainings like master, CPA, ….

What are the key assets for TBS. What do you use in your day to day job
The best asset from Toulouse Business School is the fact that they have a large range of teachers which come as well from the local business area. it brings both Siri but as well concrete experience to share on top of a local people network.
I currently apply what I learnt on a day-to-day basis especially around the business and strategic knowledge is a could require a TBS. All the tools like Porter forces, swot, BCG Matrix, competitive advantage, … methodologies I’ve become my daily work.
The best remembering is the travel sweet it with all the people with who I followed his training. it brought a team spirit through different exercises we had to go through.

Which advise would you give to a newcomer
My best advice to someone who is building his career is that he should think little bit and analyze but most of all do not forget to decide!!! No decision is perfect but if you don’t decide you don’t move forward. Make a quick check between weaknesses and strengths of and decide.

What are your next professional steps
My next step will be to go back to an international environment when I can help companies to develop or create positions abroad in Asia or America.

Another option I am looking at is to join a company with an executive position allowing me to bring my vision of how to handle teens and which company objectives. I believe we enter a new area where management of people have completely changed as well as the digital environment which creates new areas of business but as well for companies to change the way the end of people and the way they do business.
Thanks to the Toulouse business school training, I feel confident enough in areas of team management, business strategy and digital transformation and I am sure I know car help must companies transforming themselves in the new environment they currently face.

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