Témoignages étudiants en échange

Les étudiants en échange à Toulouse Business School partagent leur expérience


Universidad de los Andes, Bogota, Colombia

"...Durante todo el tiempo de clases compartí formas de pensamiento, y pude ver de cierta forma otro punto de vista sobre las cosas, todos estos aportes me permitieron tener una visión mas amplia sobre la vida, y me hicieron crecer como persona. Creo que esta experiencia me hizo una persona mas madura y me hizo ver lo valioso que es compartir con personas que tiene otra cultura y mas la cultura europea, que es muy diferente a la nuestra como latinos..."

Grace HUI

Queen's University, Canada

"...I also liked the school very much, as it was not too large. In this way, we got to meet most of the students and we did not feel lost amongst the student population. There were also many activities going around at school, that we had plenty to do and had lots of fun. I also appreciated that there were English and French course options..."

Vicky Melissa PRUITT

University of Arkansas, USA

"To study abroad or not to study abroad... was never any question for me. I believe it was a code written inside long before I was even born. So already having Spanish under my belt, I decided to venture to France, the land of wine, cheese, thesis, and anti-thesis, with the lofty idea of learning French. I attended the private business school L'Ecole Supérieure de Commerce in the city of Toulouse, a bustling cultural melting pot located in Southern France..."

Stephan Bachmann

Fakultät für Wirtschafts- und Organisationswissenschaften
Universität der Bundeswehr München, Germany

"...Besides having a great time with the international exchange students, it is very easy to make friends with "Toulousians" as well as ESC-students as they are very open minded. Soon I realized that in Toulouse they don't only speak another language, but there was also a remarkable cultural difference. I needed to adjust in terms of the attitude towards time keeping, daily routine, working, dealing with other people, meetings and various uncountable smaller details. However, in the end I learned to embrace and appreciate these differences that actually added to my experience..."

Larissa Kleinmann

M.B.A. Student
Walton College of Business,
University of Arkansas, USA

"In the ever expanding and diversifying melting pot of corporate globalization international experience and cultural skills have become an essential quality of a business student in attracting interest of potential future employers..."