Master of Science Programs

TBS Master of Science programs combine the academic and scientific requirements of this degree with the School’s traditions which, since 1903, have focused on the strong professionalization of its students and their ability to be instantly operational in a specific trade, field or sector of activity.

Program design

TBS MSc's are built on a unique format that allows students the optimal development of their managerial and professional skills. This consists of five complementary learning experiences:

MSc Professional Expertise MSc Soft Skills Certificate MSc Consulting Assignment MSc Master Thesis MSc Company Internship

Benefit from robust training to build up and strengthen professional expertise.

Develop behavioral and relational skills and obtain a certificate of excellence in management and leadership.

Accomplish a consulting mission for the account of prestigious TBS partner companies.

Write a thesis on an academic or operational issue in the area of expertise.

Depending on the chosen MSc: long-term internship in a company (optional) or apprenticeship.

Program Calendar

MSc Program Calendar

Start of academic year: 14th September

Key Information

Number of credits:

Duration of program:
12 months
Full Time: 1 semester (training courses) + 1 semester (thesis + internship)
Part Time: 1 semester of apprenticeship (alterning TBS training courses & company missions) + 1 semester (thesis)


For further information on specialized MSc programs at TBS:

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