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Director of Research

Research at Toulouse Business School

Over the last 30 years the links between academic research, business, and the economy have seen massive growth. Leading business schools have an ongoing responsibility to ensure the relevance and quality of their research towards these stakeholders. Our students are of course the first to benefit in the knowledge that their training is both up to date and of value to the professional world they enter. Indeed they are the pilots of change: those best equipped to embrace and steer change to advance their respective company.

This conviction is at the core of the school's activities. Researchers at TBS support it by actively engaging in professional associations, and communicating their expertise and ongoing learning in the most renowned international academic journals. At the same time, our research teams are focused on the needs of the business world, participating in the national and international arenas of research tendering. At a local level, through partnerships with several doctoral schools we are training the researchers of tomorrow thorugh our supervision of their research today.

Research Focus Areas

Three interdisciplinary themes, defined in cooperation with regional industry partners, make up the permanent research axes:

  • Aerospace Sector Management
  • Agriculture and Foodstuffs Sector Management
  • Health Systems Management

Research advisory board

The improvement of the production of research, both in quantity and quality, is a major focus of the school's strategy. TBS constantly works to achieve this objective by improving recruitments, faculty management and the research environment.

The Research Advisory board has been created to help us achieve an objective analysis of our processes and our performance in research, to compare ourselves to the best performing institutions, and to define our research strategy. We need an outside perspective to guide us in our actions.

The members of this board are appointed for a three-year period. Their main task is to participate in an annual meeting in which they are required to contribute to the diagnosis of the research and the development of recommendations.

External members of the research advisory board

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