Management du Transport Aérien


The “MS Air Transport Management” is a one-year full time program organised into 2 parts:
The first 6 months are devoted to theory and academic courses taught by faculty and professional guest speakers. The second half of the year an applied training period will follow in a professional environment: six-months internship in a company, either in France, Europe or abroad.


Le Mastère Spécialisé Air Transport Management en bref.

  • Programme proposé en Full-time sur un an, full-time programme over one year.
  • Langue : Anglais  English
  • Rythme : 6 mois d’enseignement théorique (15 modules de 30 à 60h) suivi d’une mission en entreprise de 6 mois minimum donnant lieu à une thèse professionnelle avec sa soutenance.
  • Lieu : Toulouse
    As this course is jointly run by ENAC and Toulouse Business School. four modules out of the 15 are offered on TBS Lascrosses campus, the other ones are dispensed on ENAC campus.

En savoir plus


Companies in the air transport sector have come to recognize today’s extremely competitive economic and financial climate as a fact of life calling of them to demonstrate considerate powers of adaptability.
The “Mastère Spécialisé” (MS) Air Transport Management offers a systematic approach to air transport by examining it from the viewpoints of the economy, operational working methods, marketing and financial strategies, productivity and management of human resources in the airline companies.
It covers all the subjects, which are essential for a career in the air transport field.



A one-year full time programme organized into 2 parts:

Academic and Theoretical period (6 months) composed of 15 modules (1-2 weeks each)

  • Aircraft and Transport System
  • International and European Civil Aviation Law
  • Air Transport Economics and Management
  • Air Transport Security
  • Sustainable Development
  • Airlines Operations
  • Team Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Economics and Financial Management
  • Marketing
  • Tourism and Air Freight
  • Air Passengers and Quality of Service
  • Ground Handling
  • Communication and Crisis Management
  • Airline Company Strategy

Practical training (internship project) in a professional environment (6 months), supervised by a tutor.

  • It gives rise to a final written report, which must be defended in front of a coeducational jury composed of TBS and ENAC instructors, the company delegate and professionals.

Placements and careers  /   Carrières et métiers

The MTA qualification prepares to all managerial and leadership functions in firms of the air transport sector (airlines, aircraft manufacturing, travel agents, airports...).

Possible positions in Airlines, Airports, Air Transportation Value Chain & service providers, Tourism companies, etc. are, for example:

  • Head of market studies
  • Line Manager
  • Operational research engineer
  • Management controller
  • Sales representative…


  • Bac + 5 or Bac + 4 and 3 years of professional experience.
  • Bac +5 years in the French systems equals to a Master’s Degree with at least five years of higher education after High School/A levels.
  • Bac + 4 equals to at least four years of higher education after High School enhanced by substantial professional work experience, but the number of places for candidates in this (exceptional) category is very limited.

Particular consideration will be given to candidates who have completed work placements with airports, airlines, travel agents or aircraft construction companies.



Dépôt dossier à l’ENAC (please apply on-line via ENAC website)

ENAC, 7 avenue E. Belin BP 4005 –

Tél : 05 62 17 44 84


faculty in charge:

Cordula BARZANTNY, Doctorate (PhD)
Professeur de Management International, Toulouse Business School
Pôle Organisation Responsable et Ressources Humaines

Assoc. Professor International Management
In charge of Aerospace Management Programmes
Toulouse Business School
20 bd Lascrosses BP 7010
31068 TOULOUSE Cedex 7
Tel: +33 (0) - Fax: +33 (0)

Personal webpage:

Pascal DUVAL, Inspecteur des Études à l'École Nationale de l'Aviation Civile (ENAC).

Joindre un Conseiller en Formation : 05 61 29 48 68 /

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