Mission, Vision and Values


To train future international decision-makers who are collaborative, agile and responsible.

  • Collaboration involves prioritising management practices based on collective intelligence.
  • Agility involves the wholesale integration of learning linked to artificial intelligence and its offshoots (big data, machine learning, etc) in order to elucidate the resultant new decision-making processes.
  • Responsibility involves investing in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development in order to flag up the critical distance needed in relation to the impact of decision-making.


As an international business school, TBS is a model of best practice, renowned for its innovation and its strong and positive contribution to its community, organisations and society as a whole. This is due to the excellence of its research, its teaching and the commitment of its teams.

  • Offering a point of view on the big questions facing society
  • Ensuring students and learners fulfil themselves professionally and are attractive prospects on the French and international jobs market
  • Offering courses of excellence with strong and distinctive added value, a multicultural vision and a unique student experience
  • Being firmly connected to its network of business and alumni


TBS culture is based on five essential pillars: Excellence, Boldness, Agility, Openness and Responsability. 


Capitalising on its expertise and its two value-added clusters, TBS is seizing the unique opportunity to take a position on MOVEMENT, a new incarnation of the business zeitgeist!

TBS, a School in movement: A school, place of learning and inspiration which leads its students towards a secure and motivating future, in line with their aspirations. Movement is for:

  • Exploringthe world: Acquiring one or more languages is a prerequisite for a globalised world. A stay on one of TBS’s overseas campuses, in a partner university or an international company helps students to mature and to capitalise on their experience of management best practice in a multicultural context. It’s a guarantee of adaptability and open-mindedness.
  • Changing the rules, questioning norms: To make our students ‘agile’ and capable of pushing the boundaries, adapting to new contexts, responding to unprecedented situations, adjusting to new ways of working and organising, chancing their arms in enterprise/interprise, coaching their teams with empathy and a spirit of generosity…
  • Anticipating tomorrow’s changes: Straight thinking, taking the right decisions, taking meaningful action, integrating ‘social responsibility’ (ethics, environment, sustainable development, etc) but also technological advances linked to Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to predict new modes of decision-making.
  • Putting our students on a fast-track to success: Supporting our students and helping them to invent their own trajectories in line with their strengths, their aspirations and their ambitions. Multiplying learning pathways and constructive workplace experiences to nurture distinctive and coherent professional profiles. Reaping the benefits of our network of 40,000 alumni working in all sectors in all countries.

A new signature: Inspiring Education, Inspiring Life

The choice of this new signature is the fruit of collective thinking led by management, members of staff, lecturers, alumni, partner businesses, as well as the student community. 

This energising slogan demonstrates to students and learners that TBS places them at the heart of an eco-system which inspires, enlarges and strengthens.

  • Inspiring Education: for learning, for self-actualization, for finding one’s path
  • Inspiring Life: for moving along one’s own path in one’s own way, while adapting to a changing world

Benefits: a school, a place of inspiration which leads its students towards a secure and motivating professional and personal future, in line with their aspirations.