Founded in 1903 by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Toulouse, TBS has always been committed to excellence in the discharge of its mission. By anticipating changes in society, the School helps its students to understand the fractures and to see them as opportunities. Its aim: to train future decision-makers of international calibre, collaborative, agile and responsible.

Based in Toulouse (2 sites – one at Lascrosses in the city centre, in the business quarter of Compans Cafarelli, and the other at Entiore, on the outskirts of town, in the technology park in east Toulouse), Paris, Barcelona in Spain, Casablanca in Morocco and London in England, it offers students in France and overseas a broad and diverse program of undergraduate and professional development courses.

In 2014, TBS obtains EQUIS accreditation for the 3rd consecutive time, awarded the full 5 year duration, joining an elite selection of business schools

In 2015, TBS launched its development plan 2020, which underpins the following ambitions:

  • An international perspective: nurtures multiculturalism by welcoming a growing number of international students and lecturers and multiply the number of intercontinental courses on offer
  • Academic excellence: spreads the news about the quality of our teaching and research through the recruitment of a high-level teaching body and delivers teaching which is adapted to today’s society and businesses
  • The student experience: creates coherent, inspiring and personalised pathways aimed at lifelong personal and professional development for our students. By putting our money on the cross-fertlisation of skills and innovative teaching methods, TBS aims to train effective and influential players to work in responsible and competitive organisations.

In December 2016, TBS moved from a non-profit status to that of an EESC(Etablissement d’Enseignement Supérieur Consulaire – Consular Higher EducationEstablishment). As a result, TBS, supported by the CCI of Toulouse, has strengthened its independence in terms of management and decision-making and is better able to take charge of its development issues.

In January 2017, Toulouse Business School obtained the Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility quality seal for four years. TBS’s commitment to Social Development and Social Responsability began in 2007, when it became involved in a key student event, the ANEDD (Assises Nationales Etudiants du Développement Durable –National Students’ Sustainable Development Assizes). Since then, TBS has been working to integrate social responsibility and sustainable development into all its teaching and research, the day-to-day workings of the school and campus management.