Yaning Lan

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Post date : Friday, January 26, 2018
Master in Management – 2016/2017

Where do you come from?

I come from China, and I graduated from Ludong University with a B.A. degree in French Language and Literature).

What studies have you already done, and what exact programme are you doing at TBS?

Yaning Lan

At TBS, I'm in the M1 year of the Grande Ecole – Master in Management Programme. So far, I’ve taken modules in Corporate Finance, Macroeconomics and Management Control. All the courses are practical and particular.

Why did you choose TBS over other schools?

TBS has a fabulous reputation in France (TOP 10), and TBS offers many majors to students, some of them make TBS famous, such as Aerospace Management, Advanced Finance Programme and Marketing. And I was attracted

by Toulouse’s climate!

How has your integration into TBS gone?  What do you feel after your first few weeks at TBS?  Are there any services/support which helped you?  Any events you particularly enjoyed?  Any difficulties you experienced? 

Since the start of the first semester, I have got acquainted with Erasmus students, but also French students. They are well-educated, eloquent and talented.  At the beginning, I felt a little bit nervous because I was not confident with being integrated into the circle until I met the Welcome Team, the administrative staff, and even other students. They helped me see TBS’s international-welcoming environment.

Yaning Lan grande roue Toulouse

So far, what do you appreciate about Toulouse: the people, the town, the School etc.?

The Toulousains, they are full of energy, sympa, and the whole city is vibrant.

Can you give us a small anecdote concerning your time so far at TBS?  It can be informative/funny/whatever you wish.

I’d like to talk about some cultural differences. For example, there is no Men’s Room and Ladies’ Room, in other words, we all share the same toilets! This was so strange to me that on my first day at TBS I barely dared go to the toilet! And now I’m just getting used to it.

What advice would you give to a future incoming international student?

In my opinion, speaking French is very important even you are in the English Track! Whether in life or in study, French is essential.

Yaning Lan TBS Lascrosses