Program Structure

Program Features

Toulouse Business School MBA programs are generalist - they cover all the disciplines of Management with some programs offering sector specializations.

TBS's MBA programs are each unique but they have the same Structure, Mission, Objectives and Outcomes.

Program Structure

Our mission is to develop individuals with high-level executive skills for management and leadership, who will become strategy accelerators and change leaders in a customer-driven global network, all the while being responsible for transmitting high standards and values to their teams.

Our Objectives are to:

  • Gather individuals (delegates and contributors) from the different sectors (of a given industry for sectored MBAs) so that they may share their experience and expertise,
  • Develop and deploy a global and international network of future leaders

Graduates are responsible decision makers belonging to an international network, able to lead and implement the needed changes to enable their company to cope with the current and future challenges.

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