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The experts agree: the aerospace industry has witnessed impressive growth worldwide over the past few years, with major contributions from the civil aviation segment. At the same time, the structure of the entire industry (airlines, manufacturing, MRO, airports, space, etc) has undergone profound change (“open skies”, new players, new business models, new technologies, new segments and markets, the maiden flights of several new programs), all of which are significantly increasing domestic and international passenger traffic. New players are coming on the scene and shaking up the market (GAFAM, BATHX).

This overall industry growth has been fueled by skilled manpower along with a favorable business environment (investment, innovation, etc). Despite the plethora of opportunities for aerospace players, most aerospace companies are already facing and will face issues of talent management. While highly-skilled technical people are already working in the industry, there is a shortage of trained, experienced aerospace managers with strong leadership skills and the ability to work to the highest international standards.

Technology is radically reshaping businesses and organizations (cobots, augmented reality, additive manufacturing, real-time management, IoT, Big Data & analytics, digital twins, digital continuity, AI, blockchain, cloud and cyber-security). New practices such as horizontal “flat” organizations offer people more autonomy. More agile, project-type organizations require not only digital knowledge but skills and competencies in change management. The more organizations are digitized, the more talented people become crucial to interact, to engage and to lead. Managing and leading in a digital world means openness, freedom to make mistakes, the ability to manage uncertainty, and the capacity to understand stakes and priorities while considering the big picture from an international perspective.

This program aims to provide an overall understanding of the main trends shaping the aerospace market. The aerospace industry is experiencing the full impact of VUCA times (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous). Future leaders require much more than business knowledge.

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