MBA Programs

Developing Responsible Change Leaders

Today's global business environment is constantly changing.  Companies need responsible leaders who can anticipate and find innovative solutions to problems.  They need leaders who can make decisions quickly in a more than uncertain world.

You want to become one of the people who responsibly guide the companies of today into the future.  You need the skills to drive the changes that enable corporations to cope with their current and upcoming challenges.  Toulouse Business School MBA programs are designed to support you in this process.

Why choose TBS for your MBA?

  • Earn your degree from a triple-accredited business school
  • Choose from a portfolio of programs based on the strengths of the school and its locations
  • Master the general management disciplines, with the option to specialize in a particular sector
  • Become part of a diverse international network of future business leaders

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  • 05 Feb.

    The Aerospace MBA ranked for the first time among tier one MBA programmes!

    We have great pleasure in sharing the results of the CEO Magazine Global MBA Rankings 2016: Our Aerospace MBA programmes have been ranked

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