SM2 Cluster

Why join the SM2 Cluster?

The SM2 Cluster is a set of graduate programs (MS & MSc) with a strong core in Strategic Marketing and Management. These programs are operated by TBS's Marketing & International Business Department.

SM2 Cluster programs offer core content in Marketing and Management.  They focus on modern, intercultural, project-based management with a strong emphasis on new business models and innovative marketing.  Each of these programs is strongly focused on employability in order to train participants to become efficient professionals, whatever their choice of specialization.  These programs provide personalized support, advice and networking opportunities from highly skilled educators who are both academic researchers and active professionals in their fields, and experts from our corporate partnerships and global alumni network.  SM2 Cluster participants will develop their technical, management, leadership and soft skills to greatly increase their employability.


TBS has 5 campuses, each in dynamic, multicultural cities boasting business success. 

The SM2 Cluster operates on the Toulouse, Paris and Casablanca campuses with electives also available in Barcelona and London.

Learning Innovation

Application of Strategic Marketing is fundamental to a successful career in any sector or any marketing function such as Communication and Data Analytics.  The SM2 Labs creates an innovative environment in which students are put into real-life scenarios along three pedagogical approaches: Corporate approach for digital app development, Expertise approach for client consultancy, and Innovation approach for entrepreneurial and lean start-ups.

In addition, the SM2 team project brings students together and asks them to design and implement a real digital communication strategy thorugh blog and social network management.  Students also experience first-hand event planning as they work together to host a cross-campus final event.

Lastly, the teach methodology of program courses combines various approaches including flipped classes, project work, seminars and workshops, professional experience games, case studies and e-learning.  These approaches reinforce the synergis between academic theory and applied application.

SM2 Cluster Outline

General Education: As part of TBS's mission to train tomorrow's managers and global business leaders, all students are provided with general education courses in the following disciplines: Strategy, Marketing, Financial Control, Human Resources and Multicultural Management.

Specialized Marketing: Students following an SM2 Cluster program will have 90 hours of specialized Marketing.  Topics include: Innovation Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Relationship Marketing and Data Analytics.

Program courses: The SM2 Cluster is composed of functional and sectorial specializations.  During the application processes, students must choose to apply to the Luxury, Tourism, Big Data or Communication Master of Science programs.

Electives: Students can choose an elective in both the first and second semester.  Electives allow for curious minds to further their knowledge in diverse sectors or marketing functions.  In addition, students are offered the possibility to study on one of the 5 TBS campuses: Barcelona, Casablanca, London, Paris and Toulouse.  

SM2Labs: SM2Labs provide SM2 Cluster students with a hands-on, innovative approach to the acquisition of knowledge and skills.  SM2Labs is a semester-long project which focuses on learning by doing.  Students will choose one of the three labs which combine functional and sector-based skills.

Internship or Research Project: TBS encourages students to complete a 4-6 month internship in a company of their choice located in France or abroad.  To complete the program students must write a professional thesis which identifies a problem they encountered during the internship experience.  Alternatively, for students wishing to pursue a Ph.D. program or students wishing to specialize in a specific field, TBS recommends a research dissertation in which a student will be supervised by a research professor actively working in the chosen domain.


For the 2018-2019 academic year, the SM2 Cluster programs are as follows:

Who should apply and what is the application process?

MSc programs are delivered in English and in full-time format. They are intended for students who already have a Bachelor degree with a proven level of academic results and a strong motivation to pursue a Marketing or Management career.  Admission is through an on-line application procedure.  Selected applicants will be invited to complete an online video interview.  The interview will be reviewed by the Academic Director for a final admission decision.  Applicants will receive their results within two weeks.  Applications are open from November to June for non-EU applicants, November to July for EU applicants.  There is a maximum number of 30 students per program.