MSc Industry, Innovation and Technology

MSc Industry, Innovation and Technology

Industry 4.0, Digital Transformation, Green Tech, Artificial Intelligence, robotics, Big Data, innovation labs…

This Master’s program gives students the engineering and business knowledge, methods and tools to play a central role in today’s fourth industrial revolution, transforming companies and driving growth through technology-powered innovation.

This MSc is suitable for students with both business and engineering backgrounds.

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DurationDuration: 18 months   
LanguageLanguage: English   
TuitionFeesPresential: 450 hours   
Appli FeesCredits: 90 ECTS   
CampusCampus: Toulouse   
ModeRhythm: Full-time   
Appli FeesIntake: Sept. 14th   


A deep understanding of industry, engineering management, innovation strategy and cutting-edge technologies is essential to fully participate in organizational transformation and growth in the 21st century.

The objective of this MSc is to provide student managers and engineers with the professional tools and industrial context necessary to drive change through technological innovation: managers need a deeper understanding of innovation processes, engineering and technology management; engineers need to develop a business perspective of innovation and industrial management, marketing and sales.

The MSc is made up of four specialized blocks (180 hours) dedicated to industrial organization, innovation, transformation and growth, two blocks (90 hours) on the latest trends in strategy, entrepreneurship and innovation, one block (45 hours) on international business issues and one academic research block.

Several company visits (factories, innovation labs, R&D facilities, consulting firms) and business-sponsored projects will immerse the students in the industrial and high-tech context throughout the MSc program.


Program Calendar

Program Design

This program consists of five learning experiences rigorously designed to develop your managerial and operational skills in your field of professional expertise.

Professional expertise

8 Course units:

1. Innovation Management and Strategy
Objective: The successful student will be able to explain the strategic role of innovation and technology in industrial organizations and elaborate strategies and policies.

2. Issues and Trends in Strategy
Objective : The successful student will be able to develop new strategies by analysing relevant issues and trends impacting organizations.

3. Business Development
Objective: The successful student will be able to critically appraise, develop and sell complex products and services.

4. Industrial Organization and Engineering
Objective: The successful student will be able to analyse and improve industrial strategy, organization and operations.

5. Issues and Trends in Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Objective: The successful student will be able to develop new strategies for organisations by analysing relevant issues and trends in entrepreneurship and innovation.

6. Industrial Transformation
Objective: The successful student will be able to analyse, propose and enact improvements to business processes, products and organizations through new technologies.

7. Intelligence, Analytics and Perspectives for Industry
Objective: The successful student will be able to analyse multiple internal and external data sources to recommend process improvements, new products and possible futures.

8. Strategy, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation Research Methods and Dynamics
Objective: The successful student will be able to design and conduct a research project with state-of-the-art research methods and tools in Innovation and Technology Management.

Soft Skills Certificate

Career StarterCertificate designed by 26 professors & leadership and management professionals in collaboration with TBS Career Starter.
“Soft Skills” are intrapersonal and interpersonal skills that create the conditions for a successful and sustainable team and allows to effectively manage your career.

2 Courses units:

Management and leadership skills
Objective: Acquire nine key competencies to lead teams and manage your professional career.

Management and leadership skills

Career agility
Objective: Reveal your talent and make evolutionary choices in accordance with your deep aspirations.

The Career Starter is a support center that helps students define and develop their career project. Through several lectures, workshops, individual tests and coaching sessions, a specialist will support each student from their first questions to looking for the right internship or job.
Coaching: we support you in your reflection on your skills, strengths and areas for improvement. Through personality tests and individual coaching, we link this self-knowledge to your ambitions and career choices.
Personal Branding: you will participate in workshops to build your CV and e-portfolio to best highlight your experiences and skills for your future employers.

Consulting Mission

A unique exercise that is a major asset in your program!
For the account of prestigious TBS partner companies, students, coached by the professors, carry out a strategic diagnosis aiming to analyze its competitive position, then propose strategic and operational recommendations to meet its challenges.

Examples of partner companies
Aerospace Valley, AIRBUS, Cap Gemini, Comtesse du Barry, Continental Automotive, EY, Hilti, Mars Petfoods, Motorola, Thalès, Rockwell & Collins.

Cap Gemini EY Aerospace Valley Airbus
Continental Automotive Comtesse du Barry Hilti Mars
Motorola Thalès Rockwell & Collins  

Master Thesis

Objective: Increase your brain agility to anticipate and solve complex business issues in your field of expertise.

Each student in this MSc program is required to write a dissertation which addresses a current issue in management from an academic or professional perspective in his field of expertise.

The student thus contributes to the study, analysis, formalization and abstraction of the identified problem.

In-company Work experience


Students may carry out an internship in the company of their choice for a period of 3 to 6 months. This internship is not mandatory for the validation of the diploma but allows students to obtain 10 additional ECTS credits.

Associate Professor of Digital Strategy and Analytics
Department: Information, Operations and Management Sciences

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Academic requirements:

  • Direct access to MSc:
    • 4-year Bachelor Degree (240 ECTS) or equivalent
    Students with a for 3-year Bachelor Degree or equivalent (180 ECTS). TBS PREPARATORY PROGRAM builds up business and leadership skills in order to help international management students enroll successfully in the TBS Master of Science program of their choice.

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Language level:

  • For programs taught in English: English mother tongue OR TOEFL IBT 80 / IELTS 6.5 / TOEIC 800 / FCE / CAT 165
  • For programs taught in French: French mother tongue OR B2 OR equivalent

MSC Deadline to apply:

  • Visa required: June 30th
  • No visa required: September 1st

This Master of Science prepares you for the following job categories:

  • Management consulting
  • Industry consulting
  • Business development
  • Technical sales engineering
  • Procurement and Supply Chain
  • Technology consulting
  • Industrial marketing
  • Project Management

Fees : starting from 16 500 €.

The cost of this training includes:

  • All academic fees, including business visits.
  • Access to our virtual campus and all online educational resources.
  • Access to career starter services (CV workshop, business forum, etc.)
  • Access to the network of 46,000 alumni.


  • SCHOLARSHIP: TBS is entitled to receive higher education scholarship students: mobility grants, state scholarships, merit scholarships (Eiffel, Marie Curie), TBS Foundation scholarships. (contact the school)
  • PERSONALIZED SCHEDULE: TBS welcomes students who wish to discuss their personal situation. TBS grants payment schedules from 1 to 4 instalments, or by monthly instalments during the course.
  • STUDENT JOBS: our student associations offer paid assignments on behalf of companies or individuals throughout the year.