MiM: Exchanges & Dual Degrees

International students who have been selected by their home university to join Toulouse Business School's Master in Management program may come as semester exchange students or dual degree students, depending on their academic level and their home university nomination.

Semester Exchange Students

Exchange students are able to transfer credits for one or two semesters, or for a number of courses, towards their degree at their home university.

Study periods available:

  • International students may join either during our Master 1year (M1) or our Master 2 year (M2)
  • M1: Fall semester (September-December) and/or Spring semester (January-June)
  • M2: Fall semester (September-December)

It is not possible to mix classes from different years.

Course Lists:

Syllabus semestre 2 du Master 1 International Business in Latina America - Campus Barcelona

Syllabus Discovery semester Digital Transformation - Campus Barcelona

MAster 1 Spring Courses - Campus Toulouse

Dual Degree Students

Language of Tuition

Exchange students can either choose French or English tracks in the M1 and M2 years. It is not possible to mix between the two languages of tuition.

Application Procedure

You must apply for a student exchange to the TBS Master in Management programme through the International Relations Office of your home university.

Once you have been nominated by your home university, the International Office of the TBS MiM programme will contact you with information about our online application for exchange students.


For further information concerning the MiM programme and the exchange application procedure, please contact incoming.master@tbs-education.fr

For information regarding any practical issues (visa/immigration/accommodation/finance), please contact the TBS International Student Office at international.tbs@tbs-education.fr