International opportunities

MiM International opportunitiesToulouse Business School aims to form globally minded managers who are able to work effectively with colleagues and clients from around the world. The school itself is made up of a diverse population of students of over 70 nationalities, and it hosts many international visiting professors each year. 

The Master’s in Management (MiM) program has a strong international focus, not only in its course content but also in regards to international experience through semesters abroad at one of a large choice of prestigious partner universities. 

The program framework is flexible and allows students to choose the nature and timing of this experience. 

International Exposure at TBS

Courses taught in English

MiM students have the option of taking all of their courses in English. Students can choose between the French track or the English track in M1 and M2. It is not possible to mix language tracks.

International Students and Faculty

TBS is made up of a diverse population of students of over 70 nationalities and hosts many international visiting professors each year. Exchange and full-time international students integrate with French students during the Master 1 and Master 2 years.

Language Courses

Students can take two language courses: English, and a second language. The second language may be either French (at beginner/intermediate/advanced levels) or any of the following: Spanish, German, Italian, Arabic, Chinese or Russian (intermediate or advanced levels only).

International Experience through the Programme

A semester abroad is not compulsory for international students but they may take advantage of this experience under certain conditions.

Semester of Studies

Students have the option of spending one semester at one of our partner universities either during their Gap Year or during the Master 2 year. They will follow courses in Business and gain credits towards their Master's in Management degree.

Dual Degree

The dual degree program allows students to spend their Master 2 year at one of a selection of partner universities and graduate with two degrees (the TBS Master's in Management and a MSc or MBA from their host university).

TBS Barcelona Campus

Studying on TBS's Barcelona campus provides students with an opportunity to spend one or two semesters in a thriving and dynamic city. The program follows the same course as it would on the Toulouse campus.

This opportunity is available to students during the Master 1 year and/or the first semester of the Master 2 year. For those students who choose to stay for 2 semesters, they will have the possibility to gain two degrees: The TBS Master's in Management and an MSc in Finance or Marketing from the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya.

Further information about our Barcelona campus can be found at:


Three options are possible for doing an internship abroad:

  1. Between the Master 1 and Master 2 years - for a duration of two months (June and July)
  2. During the Gap Year - for either one semester or a whole year
  3. During Semester 2 of the Master 2 year - from January until June

Program Contacts

Camille TRZASKA - Head of International Admissions & Promotion -

Clarisse GUIRADO -  International Admissions Coordinator -

Marie-Helene HEIT - Head of International Relations - Masters in Management Programme -

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