The DOCTORATE of BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (DBA) from Toulouse Business School is the highest level of education in management.

The DBA has 12 seminars of 20 hours each.

DBA is led by professors with confirmed experience in the managerial disciplines, recognized internationally for their research work. On the other hand, the students are the specialists with proven in-company experience who will develop the ability to integrate this research in their work progressively throughout the course of the seminars.

The program covers three major topics that are presented during the seminars or modules

Topic 1 :

This sequence is taught over three years. It supports students in their concrete research which is applied to business challenges. It also leads to operational recommendations.

  • Seminars "Methodology of research and management"
    During the DBA program many seminars are devoted to this topic.
    • Epistemology and Research Methods in Strategic Management.
    • Research Methodology: reviewing literature, formulating problems and hypotheses, validating or invalidating, drawing managerial recommendations.
    • Determining the limits and scope of risk research. Opening opportunities to extend research.
  • Seminar "Tutoring research"
    This is personalized accompaniment of a student in their research by a school professor. This cooperation leads to a thesis.

Topic 2 :

After critically evaluating management style, students consider effective leadership techniques.

  • Seminar "Team building and launching activities"
    • Getting to know group members.
    • Understanding the expectations and the timetable of the DBA.
    • Starting thinking about the research topic.
  • Seminar "Leadership and management"
    • Understanding your managing practices with the help of MBTI test.
    • Learning to solve conflict. Working in a group. Managing people effectively.
  • Seminar "Thoughts & Management"
    • Understanding the importance of finding balance between the company and its strengths upstream (suppliers, ...), its forces downstream (customers, ...) and its internal capacities (employees, ...).
    • After taking into account these factors students will learn how to make the strategic choices that would help a company establish its path of sustainable and responsible development.

Topic 3 :

Each seminar will discuss current developments in the field of the research management.

  • Seminars "Geostrategy and World's Economy"
  • Seminars "Business Strategy Research"
  • Seminars "Research Marketing and Communications"
  • Seminars "Research Brand Management"
  • Seminars "Research Organization and Behavior"

8 modules, 6 seminars and 3 writing workshops

Year 1 1 - Team-Building and launching the research (10h) Seminar approach :
"First contact"
2 - Advanced Microeconomic Strategy & Global Economy (40h) 1st séminaire :
"Approach Subjects"
3 -  Leadership & Management (40h)
4 - Thoughts & Management (40h) 2nd seminar :
"Final Topics"
"Allocation of supervisors"
5 - Methodology of Research in Management (40h) 3rd seminar :
"Discussion of the problem"
Year 2

6 - Research in Marketing (20h)

7 - Research in Brand Management (20h) 4th seminar :
"First results and methods
with the thesis director"
8 - Research in Organization & Behavior (20h) 
1sr sequence of thesis writing 5th seminar :
"First restitutions on
the work progress"
Year 3 2nd sequence of thesis writing 6th seminar :
"Second restitutions
on the work progress"
3rd sequence of thesis writing Defense before jury