Three questions/Answers

Why have PhD if I want to work for a business ?

The DBA is a program oriented towards a company's needs. All the research methodology is aimed at helping in decision making and business management. This 'structuring of thoughts' by the means of scientific research is essential for solving complex management problems as it allows the executives to offer more innovative and grounded solutions.
The DBA allows:

  • To become a professor or high-level adviser able to develop business management vision from a sound theoretical prospective.
  • Executives to use different models to identify, analyze and find innovative solutions to complex issues of the companies;

What makes the DBA of Toulouse Business School "Tri Executive" ?

The number 'three' is found repeatedly in the structure of this DBA.

  • Toulouse Business School earned three international accreditations which is a guarantee of quality and recognition of the proposed programs (less than 1% of the world Business Schools have all three certifications).
  • DBA is present in three countries
  • In France - Toulouse and Paris
  • In Spain at TBS campus in Barcelona
  • In China at the campus of Jinan University in Guangzhou.
The program lasts three years during which time students are accompanied on an individual basis by a tutoring professor.
The word "Executive" in the name of the DBA refers to the profiles of the students who are professionals with many years of experience and proven business responsibilities.

Who are the contributors ?

There are three types of contributors:

  • Professors that are recognized in the academic world of international research,
  • coaches specializing in personal development and
  • human resources leadership and professionals who, by their example can demonstrate how research can be useful in the business environment.

At least 50 percent of the contributors are from Toulouse Business School.