About the DBA Program

Jacques DIGOUT
  • Academic Director of TBS's DBA program
  • PhD in Information Systems
  • Accredited to supervise research in marketing
  • Director of the 'Internet Marketing and Communication' Research Group
  • Schedule : Part-time (1 week every 4 months)
  • Duration : 4 year program
  • Cost : 32000 euros

« Think & Create » is the slogan of Toulouse Business School. All our academic programs are guided by this concept. This slogan is also the core of our "Doctorate of Business Administration" (DBA) program.
The world in general and the corporate world in particular is changing very quickly. In this challenging environment where nothing is permanent, training in research helps a manager to see things in perspective in order to identify emerging trends and directions and to find solutions to complex business problems.

The research approach in the Toulouse Business School DBA is far from academic theory. It gives the decision makers the necessary tools to hypothesize and to validate their hypotheses scientifically in order to reduce the risks in taking these decisions in uncertain environments, while cultivating innovation and originality, necessary for competitive advantage.

Students of the DBA, already experienced managers in companies, and instructors involved in their support, share the spirit of "Training  pilots of Change".


Bring significant experience as a manager ...


Allow you to acquire and master research methodology ...


We apply it

for the benefit of companies ...

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Through innovative, forward-looking, creative, reasoned decisions...

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