High added value

The method is based on role-playing situations and intensive training in decision-making. It is a method that teaches you to surpass yourself, built around three key values.


With an emphasis on teamwork on complex cases, the CPA helps participants become aware of their strengths and weaknesses, move forward, discover unsuspected resources within themselves, and seek new keys to understanding the world today and new ways of motivating themselves. It demands total commitment and makes each participant face up to their collective and individual responsibilities when making and implementing decisions.


Each class brings together on average 300 years of management experience. This coming together of knowledge, points of view and analysis leads to mutual enrichment and the joint production of relevant corporate strategies. This sharing is also reflected in the readiness of CPA graduates to assist, advise and encourage each other, throughout the training and for many years afterwards.


The CPA promotes ethical, responsible and meaningful management. Its ambition is to nurture a new generation of leaders, keen to create economic value, but committed to a human vision of the company, that gives back meaning to service, cooperation, courage and humility.