TBS Bachelor Year 3

TBS Bachelor year 3

Aim: development and refinement!

In order to prepare for life in the professional world or to continue on to more specialized studies, you can choose: to prepare youself for an ambitious professional life or the continuation of more specialized studies. You will intensify your knowledge on two levels by choosing:

  • A professional path: to develop your knowledge in a specific business sector and/or a particular expertise in the field. 12 possible choices available to you! (9 in Toulouse and 3 in Barcelona).
  • A functional competence: to strengthen your skills in one of the 5 major management functions: Finance, Marketing, Human Resources Management, Performance Management, International Trade.
  • À la carte electives: to improve your chosen field or discover a new theme, taught by visiting professors and international speakers.

Personalize your training!

Development & specialization is the motto of the TBS Bachelor year 3:

  • A path of improvement in order to develop your knowledge of a chosen sector, from a choice of 12!
  • A functional competence to reinforce your academic achievements.

This unique program structure aims to complete your training with specific skills, to differentiate you, increase your employability or allow you to pursue specialized studies.

In total, nearly 100 possible specializations spread over 2 campuses.

TBS Bachelor year 3 options

In the 3rd year, students broaden their knowledge by choosing :

A specific vocational area :

9 vocational sections on Toulouse campus
  • Aviation management (course in English)
  • Hospitality management (course in French)
  • Real estate management (course in French)
  • Marketing du vin (course in French)
  • Web & digital marketing (course in French)
  • Events management (course in French)
  • Innovation management (course in English)
  • International business (course in English)
  • Business development (course in French and on work/study basis)

3 vocational sections on Barcelona campus
  • Design management
  • "Entrepreneurship" (course in English)
  • "Digital marketing" (course in English)

And an area of business expertise :

4 areas of business expertise on Toulouse campus
  • Company Finance
  • Performance Management
  • International Trade
  • Operational Marketing
3 areas of business expertise on Barcelona campus
  • Company Finance
  • Operationnel Marketing
  • HR Management

Personalized training

Coaching: During the 1st and 2nd years, you benefit from individual interviews with a counsellor, who advises you in your choice and helps you to develop a program that best suits you, according to your abilities and your ambitions. In the 3rd year, you are supported by a specialist from your chosen sector.

Supplementary courses: Additional courses such as brain training are offered in addition to classes. Preparation for the TOEIC and TAGE MAGE is also organized for those wishing to continue their studies at the end of the program.

Extra support: Should students need extra help in certain areas, extra support, classes and examination preparation will be provided by the academic team.

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Work-study program in Year 3

Students can opt for a work/study program in the 3rd year as part of the commercial development program. A relevant choice for those wishing to confirm professional orientation and improve their employability, in addition to funding their studies.

TBS Bachelor Internship year 3

Develop your network

  • Students have access to the TBS Alumni network of over 35,000 graduates worldwide via the TBS Alumni Directory and 63 chapters around the world
  • Students are invited to take part in numerous meetings of companies and business leaders regularly organized on TBS campuses.