TBS Bachelor Year 1

Learning about and preparing to work in the business world…”

TBS Bachelor year 1

Managerial versatility

A year to discover and prepare for the world of business with common core courses organized through 8 academic departments:

  • Management Control – Accounting - Auditing
  • Marketing - International Business
  • Economics - Finance
  • Strategy – Entrepreneurship - Innovation
  • Business Law
  • Information Management
  • Industrial Business, Logistics and Technology
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Resources

Multicultural environment

From Year 1, you have the choice of following all or some of your program on the ToulouseBarcelona or Casablanca campuses.

Whichever campus you choose, TBS’s program will immerse you in a truly multicultural atmosphere including:

  • A melting pot of nationalities: international students represent 35% of the student body on both our Toulouse and Barcelona campuses;
  • The possibility of taking courses in English (in Toulouse and Barcelona) or Spanish (in Barcelona);
  • The unique ability to switch from campus to campus each year (with conditions).

Business experience

The transition from student life to working life is often a source of concern for the students and their families. Relax... Over the 3 years, TBS’s Bachelor program provides students with regular contact with professionals and large access to businesses.

TBS Bachelor Internship year 1

Community Service

As part of their program, each student will give a certain amount of hours serving the community. Projects range from assisting children in need with school work, helping associations and charities, and more.

The Women of Rif project

An olive branch for every student

At the beginning of the Bachelor program, each student will receive a tree as a gift along with a certificate. The tree is planted in the Rif region of Morocco, where TBS has established one of its campuses. You can either accept this gift and follow its evolution, or offer it as a gift to a friend. Through this project, you will be able to find out more about TBS's CSR-SD policy and take part, along with other students, thanks to the many actions of B3D, TBS's Office of Sustainable Development.

The Women of Rif Project
The Rif Valley, located in the north of Morocco, is a land of tribes, varied cultures and well-established customs, which can vary from one summit to another, from one hamlet to the next. This is a mountainous region where hamlets are difficult to access, with poor quality soil and very small farms. Olive growing and oil production are the only viable alternative to growing cannabis in this region. These activities represent a unique opportunity for women to work and gain their independence. Women of Rif, this is what we call the women of the FedOlive cooperative. This cooperative is the result of a UNIDO rural women's entrepreneurship development project, born out of the Rif women's literacy classes. Since 2001, women's associations from northern Morocco have met and pooled their annual harvests together in order to achieve economies of scale and ensure superior quality of oil. 350 women are affected. The aim is to help women farmers to plant olive trees in order to encourage olive and oil production, and ultimately fight the development of cannabis cultivation. There is already a program of assistance put in place by the Moroccan government to encourage planting. The long-term goal is to complement this aid program and thus accelerate the planting of olive trees.