Professional Experience

Business Education Based on the Needs and Developments of Real-World Companies

Work Placements/Internships

Each year, every student in the program must complete a work placement/internship in a company. Over the three-year program, this represents a minimum of 10 months of work placement:

  • 2 months in the 1st year
  • 4 months in the 2nd year
  • 4 months at the end of the 3rd year

Most students go beyond these obligations and spend on average 11 months in work placements. The opportunities are endless: our website where companies announce placement offers for TBS students receives 4,100 work placement offers a year. Each 3rd year student receives an average of 400 work placement offers.

1st Year

  • Minimum duration: 2 months (June & July)
  • Focus of the placement: Negotiation, sales, customer relations

2nd Year

  • Minimum duration: 4 months (in a company abroad)
  • Concentration on a clearly identified assignment related to the student's chosen path

3rd Year

  • Minimum duration: 4 months (April - July)
  • Average duration observed: 6 months for students who wish to enter the professional world after the program; 4 months for those wishing to pursue further studies
  • Focus of the placement: Students demonstrate their capacity for analysis and operational competence, complete their final project, and establish connections for their first job



From the beginning to the end of the program, each student can receive help finding the right work placement for them and their project. A team of HR consultants is available to support students in strengthing job and/or internship search skills, and providing professional guidance for their future careers.

Meeting Companies

At conferences, workshops and company presentations on campus you will meet company managers and executives who will give you insights about their profession and their field. Many companies also come to the School to present work placement or employment opportunities in their firm or to speak about a topical socio-economic theme.

Interview for students during the Company ForumExamples of companies who have come to our campus to meet and recruit Bachelor in Management students include:

ATR - Sanofi Aventis - Airbus -Cité de l'Espace - EDF - Alter Eco - Boncolac - Sofitel - Manpower - Fédération Française de Tennis - Bullrot -Pernod-Ricard - Boulanger - Logiqual - Adecco - Latécoère - Thales - Louis Vuitton - France Telecom - Auchan - Quicksilver - Billabong - Christian Lacroix - Décathlon - FNAC - FRAM - Nestlé Waters Franc - William Saurin - Siemens Automotive - Aero Conseil - TLT - Parfum Berdoues - Deveurop - Hertz- Cogesal Miko - AGF Assurfinance - Banque Populaire - Lafarge Plâtres - Socamil - Editions du Seuil - Galeries Lafayette - Actia - Alcatel - Lyonnaise des Eaux - etc.


Work Placement Coordinator, Bachelor Program