Tuition & Costs


A Top-Quality Business Degree at an Affordable Cost

Application Fee

An application fee of 120€ (non-reimbursable) is required upon submission of your application.

Tuition Fees 2020-2023

31,200€ for the entire 3-year program.

Admitted students must make an initial payment of 40% of their first-year fee, i.e 4,200€, in order to secure their spot. This payment must be made within 3 weeks after your official admission.

After paying the deposit, students have two options. They can choose to either:

  • Pay the remaining tuition fees for the upcoming year every year before the month of October or
  • Pay the remaining tuition fees in 8 monthly installments from October to May every year

The same fees apply to students on the Barcelona and Toulouse campuses.