Student Mobility

In order to graduate, all students must validate an international experience either by studying abroad in a foreign university or by an interning abroad. This experience is an integral part of your academic curriculum at Toulouse Business School. A strong professional and international experience while at TBS will build up your resume and act as a spring board, jump starting your professional career.

It should be noted that there are a limited number of scholarships granted annually by the European Commission. Please consult the International Mobility Service for study abroad programs and the Career Center for internship placements. Erasmus grants are allocated in accordance with the amount available. TBSE reserves the right to finance partially students mobilities.

Here you will find information about mobility studies or internships within the framework of the Erasmus + program.

We also invite you to visit the Erasmus+ Generation+:

Please do not forget to visit the International Mobility Service and Career Center in order to prepare for you study abroad program and for the legal contracts pertaining to internships abroad.

TBS advises students to anticipate, think and develop their international project. To do this, members of the International Mobility Service and the Career Center are at your disposition to answer any questions you may have and to assist you in your study abroad or international internship project (remember you must make an appointment).

The Erasmus+ program is open to all students registered at Toulouse Business School, no matter the nationality.

ERASMUS+ Study Scholarship

Students may obtain a scholarship to complete a study program in another European institution, with the exception of students currently on a gap year, the ERASMUS+ study scholarship cannot be used while a student is in a gap year. The duration of the scholarship can be for a period between 3 and 12 months. The scholarship can be granted to students as early as their second year (sophomore year). Students can benefit from scholarship for a maximum of 12 months abroad per cycle of study (Bachelor, Master) and combining all forms of mobility: studies and / or placements. Students can only apply to universities in which TBS has established an Erasmus+ bilateral agreement. All of TBS universities partners must hold the Erasmus+ Charter.

ERASMUS+ Internship Scholarship

Students can opt to intern in a company located in another European country (the scholarship can be awarded for 2 to 12 months). Students can benefit from scholarship for a maximum of 12 months abroad per cycle of study (Bachelor, Master) and combining all forms of mobility: studies and / or placements. The period of internship carried out abroad is supervised by Toulouse Business School and the host company. An internship agreement must be established between the company and the student.

Scholarship Requirements

  • Students must take the OLS language test before departure and again, upon their return. The test aims to measure the impact of mobility on the student's language skills.
  • Administrative obligations:
    • Students must return to TBS the mobility contract (studies or internships) signed and stamped by your host university or company,
    • Students must return to TBS the learning agreement or contract of formation signed and stamped by your university or host company as well as the duly completed and signed modification sheet - if necessary,
  • Upon completing the mobility, students must respond to the European Commission's mobility survey which they will receive by email.
  • The complete return of these documents and the participation to the questionnaire is essential for the last installment of the ERASMUS+ scholarship.

Finance conditions

Here is the information about the financing conditions for Erasmus+ award (monthly payments):



ERASMUS+ Study Scholarship:

ERASMUS+ Internship Scholarship:

Group 1


Ireland,Liechtenstein, Luxembourg

Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom

270 €

420 €

Group 2

Austria, Belgium,Cyprus

France, Germany, Greece,

Italy, Netherlands, Malta

Portugal, Spain,

220 €

370 €

Group 3

Bulgaria,Croatia,Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary,

Latvia, Lithuania, Poland,

Romania, Slovenia,Slovakia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Turkey

170 €

320 €

The period of study in university gives rise to the recognition of the ECTS credits acquired (30 ECTS per semester is need to pass the semester).

The internship in the company grants ECTS credits in accordance with the examination regulations.