Research at TBS

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Research at Toulouse Business School

The faculty of TBS is very committed to producing new knowledge in management, as well as in economics and law. Research is a key component of higher education and enables TBS to have a positive impact on its various stakeholders.

For the students, the research conducted by the professors is the guarantee of a curriculum enriched by the most recent knowledge, which is a condition of their insertion and their professional success. For businesses and organizations, the results of TBS research must contribute to improving their economic and social efficiency.

In this context, we have four main objectives for research activities:

  • Publish research articles in the best French and international journals, but also publish reference books, case studies and participate in the most prestigious scientific conferences.
  • Broadly disseminate the results of research:

                    - Within TBS, to enable students to benefit from the quality of research by continuously improving existing programs, as well as by creating new programs;        
                    - Externally, to share the results of our research with our economic and institutional partners. To do this, TBS has created a dedicated website: TBSearch and organizes the “Matinales de la recherche” conferences. TBS faculty experts are also regularly consulted by the media in France and abroad.

  • Develop doctoral programmes: DBA and PhD. The PhD is aimed primarily at students wishing to become research professors. The DBA targets executives who want to further deepen, through a research approach, professional expertise.
  • Develop collaborations with external partners in France and abroad: institutional, academic or economic partners. TBS has developed company-funded chairs such as the Sirius Chair dedicated to the space sector. It also has many partnership research projects.

Research Focus Areas

    TBS’s scientific activity is conducted in five research laboratories covering all major management disciplines. Collective research is conducted within these laboratories. They also regularly organize high-level scientific events bringing together many researchers.

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