Professeur Resident faculty TBS since 2017

Department: Marketing

Laboratory: Marketing & Communication Networks



  • 2013 : PHD in Management Sciences • Université Lille 2, France

Teaching Experience

  • Since 2017 : Associate Professor • Toulouse Business School, Casablanca, Morocco
  • 1998-2017 : Independent lecturer • Université Lille 2 (France), Université Hassan II (Morocco), Ecole Supérieure Algérienne des Affaires (Algeria), Ghana Institute of Management (Ghana)



Academic publications

  • SCHILL, M., D.GODEFROIT-WINKEL, M. F.DIALLO, C.BARBAROSSA, "Consumers’ intentions to purchase smart home objects: Do environmental issues matter?", Ecological Economics, 2019, vol. 161, pp. 176-185[Cnrs :1]
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  • DJELASSI, S., D.GODEFROIT-WINKEL, M. F.DIALLO, "Does culture affect the relationships among utilitarian and non-utilitarian values, satisfaction and loyalty to shopping centres? Evidence from two Maghreb countries", International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management, 2018, vol. 46 Issue, no. 11/12, pp. 1153-1169[Cnrs :3, Fnege: 3]
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  • GODEFROIT-WINKEL, D., M. E.WINKEL, "Rethinking Industrial Marketing from a Cultural Perspective: Spanish Steel Mill Strategies in Morocco after the 2008 Crisis" in In Times of Crisis: Perspectives and Challenges of the 21st Century., mbaye fall diallo et joseph kaswengi Ed., Nova Science Publishers, 2018 [978-1-53613-512-1]
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Published case


  • GODEFROIT-WINKEL, D., "Sustainable Innovation Bottom-Up Enterprise" 2nd Subsistence Marketplaces Bottom Up Immersion Conference, Arusha Region, Tanzania, 25-28 mai. 2019
  • GODEFROIT-WINKEL, D., M.DIALLO, S.DJELASSI, "Shopping mall values, customer satisfaction and loyalty: The moderation of education level in Morocco," in Association for Marketing Science Annual Conference, Vancouver, Canada, 29-31 mai., 2019
  • SCHILL, M., D.GODEFROIT-WINKEL, P.ODOU, F.SCHIFFLER, "Représentations Mentales et Réactions Affectives Liées au Changement Climatique: Impacts sur les Intentions d’Agir" in 35ème Congrès international de l' Association Française de Marketing, Le Havre, France, 15-17 mai., 2019
  • GODEFROIT-WINKEL, D., S. K.BONSU, "The Re-Resurrection of David Bowie: Death and Immortality in Contemporary Society" Consumer Culture Theory Conference, Odense, Denmark, 28/06-01/07/2018. 2018, Odense
  • GODEFROIT-WINKEL, D., L.PEÑALOZA, "Women's empowerment in shopping: A qualitative investigation among Moroccan Women" 14th ACR Gender Marketing and Consumer Behavior Conference , Dallas, TX, USA, 9-11 octobre. 2018
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  • SCHILL, M., D.GODEFROIT-WINKEL, M.HOGG, "Contemporary Intergenerational Relationships and Consumption: Through the Lens of a Study of French Families" Edinburgh University Business School PhD Workshop, Opening Session, Plenary, Edinburgh, 2 novembre. 2018 Coauthorspresented
  • GODEFROIT-WINKEL, D., M. F.DIALLO, S.DJELASSI, "Effects of Perceived Value of a Shopping Mall: Evidence from Morocco" in International Business and Consumer Research Conference, Marrakech, Morocco, 24-27/04/2017., International Business and Consumer Research Conference, 2017, Marrakech
  • GODEFROIT-WINKEL, D., M.SCHILL, "Identifier les Images Perçues d’une Ville; Les Images de Casablanca à travers une Typologie de ses Étudiants", 1ère Journée de Recherche sur les Pays d'Afrique, 2017
  • BONSU, S., D.GODEFROIT-WINKEL, C.CHELARIU, "Purchasing Guilt: Conceptualization and Propositions for Future Research" in Academy of Marketing Science, 19th World Marketing Congress, Paris, France, 19-23/07/2016., Academy of Marketing Science, 2016, Paris
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  • GODEFROIT-WINKEL, D., M.SCHIL, "Shared Happiness and Relational Identities among French", Association for Consumer Research North American Conference (ACR), vol. 44, pp. 458-459, 2016


Teaching fields

  • International Marketing
  • Cross-Cultural Marketing
  • BtoB Marketing 
  • Market Research
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Marketing Mix

Research Topics

  • Gender 
  • Emotions
  • Consumer Culture Theory
  • Environnement/Climate Change
  • Consumer Identity

Professional expertise

Editorial activities

  • 2017 : Reviewer for the book In Times of Crisis: Perspectives and Challenges for the 21st Century, Nova Publisher
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Academic associations

  • ACR • Association for Consumer Research
  • CCTC • Consumer Culture Theory Consortium
  • ISMD • International Society of Markets and Development
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Organization of Scientific Events

  • 2012 : Member of the  organizing commitee of the 12th conference of the International Society of Markets and Development
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