Workshop: Sales Promotion and Shopper Marketing

On the 15-19 April over 20 students from marketing programs at Casablanca, Toulouse and Paris campuses, will unite on the Paris site to discover sales promotion and shopper marketing, considered to be the biggest brand marketing investment.

Guest Professor Jean-Marc REJAUD, Associate Professor of Advertising and Marketing Communications at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT, New York) will teach the elective course on “Sales Promotion and Shopper Marketing.”

Prof. REJAUD explains that sales promotion and shopper marketing represent close to 70% of all marketing investments in the US Market and are planned to grow by 6% by 2020. Sales Promotion and Shopper Marketing are all about marketing to the consumer; as they reach the shopping stages – by motivating them – through targeted offers and promotions – to go to a store (offline or online) and finally purchase the product. It is all about generating actual sales and managing the brand short term and long term at the same time.

Prof. REJAUD will explain how data analytics, virtual reality and artificial intelligence are responsible for training this marketing and communication discipline.

Through a 9 best-practice step process, students will experience developing an actual shopper marketing campaign.

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