TBS unveils its new brand platform!

In line with the strategic review initiated in 2018, TBS is launching its new brand platform. Objective: to affirm its singularity amongst French Business Schools. New logo, new name, new signature, redesign of the website…this new inspiring visual identity, as from 4th April, conveys the aspirations of TBS. Find out more!

Toulouse Business School becomes TBS

Toulouse Business School is from now officially renamed TBS. This new name is the first step in the school’s change of identity. It aims to facilitate the memorization of the brand and its international readability with a simple acronym, one that the school’s stakeholders have already been adopting for several years.

The new logo: "focal point" of a simplified graphic charter

The TBS new logo

In parallel with the review conducted on its brand, TBS has begun on the redesigning of its visual identity. The cornerstone of the new graphic charter, the School has a new logo refocused on the acronym "TBS" that accompanies the transition to the new name while retaining the historical markers of the school: a central point, the triptych of colours black, coral and white and the phrase "Business school" recalling its field of activity.

“Inspiring Education, Inspiring Life”: a new signature centred on the students’ first aspirations

Another essential component of this regenerated identity is a new baseline: "Inspiring Education, Inspiring Life". This embodies the promise made to the students: to offer training courses that respect the singularities of each individual, to allow them to express themselves fully within the school, and then throughout their careers to the extent of their commitments and their personal aspirations. Easily appropriated by an international audience, this signature is the fruit of a collective reflection carried out by all internal and external stakeholders of TBS.

A new identity deployed on the web and social networks

The TBS website has also been completely redesigned and now bears the colours of the new visual identity of the School: https://www.tbs-education.fr/en. This is the first part of a total overhaul planned for early September.

Finally, TBS becomes @TBS-education on TWITTER & INSTAGRAM. Discover our new corporate image and join the TBS community!

The new charter will be developed throughout all of the School’s digital and editorial communication over the coming weeks.

"The reflection on the identity of the school has redefined the strong points of the promise we make: the quality of the student experience, academic excellence, international openness, CSR and advanced expertise on the sectors of the future (aerospace, AI and data analysis). This fundamental work is the foundation of TBS's new strategic plan, aiming to become one of the top 30 European Business Schools by 2024. " - François BONVALET, General Director of TBS

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TBS unveils its new brand platform!