TBS partners up with USAIRE aerospace association

TBS, the 1st business school to partner up with international aerospace association

TBS Aerospace MBA students team up with MSc Marketing, Management & Communication students in the context of a multi-year partnership with the USAIRE association of American and European aerospace and advanced technology companies, which was signed in 2017. 

This international association defines the strategic interests of aerospace companies and organizes monthly conferences, which are open to professionals from the aerospace sector. These conferences provide the perfect occasion for TBS Aerospace MBA and MSc Marketing, Management & Communication students to highlight USAIRE activities by working on the events' communication and by drawing up articles for the USAIRE newsletter.

TBS is the 1st international business school to have signed an official and technically oriented partnership with an international aerospace association. This collaboration offers international students the ideal opportunity to work in direct contact with the main players from the Toulouse aerospace sector as well as with European industry leaders and to learn in a cross-program and cross-generational work environment.

Since 2017, USAIRE has already organized 23 conferences with the help of carefully selected international TBS students and with the participation of Airbus, Dassault, AirFrance, Easyjet, Thales, Safran, ATR, Daher, Latécoère, Satair, Expliseat and the OpenAirlines and Ascendance Flight start-ups…

This collaboration aims to increase students' understanding of the managerial, strategic and marketing objectives taught in the MSc Marketing, Management & Communication program and teach them how to put their communication skills into practice. TBS carefully selects the students involved in the project according to their interest in the aerospace sector and in the "pink city" of Toulouse.

This year, 3 students from the MSc Marketing, Management & Communication program have been witheld to work in close collaboration with Aerospace MBA students and USAIRE members

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