TBS inaugurates its new learning lab

On 10th January 2019, TBS and all of its staff inaugurated The Kube (Knowledge Universal Brain Education), the school's new Learning Lab. The Kube, a key symbol of TBS' innovation in teaching and collaborative culture, is located at the heart of Toulouse campus life.

This laboratory for experimentation, promotion, acquisition and sharing of innovation in teaching is the first of its kind amongst the new learning spaces on the future TBS campus. It will be open to TBS staff, students and the general public. Reflecting the co-creative process that led to its conception, The Kube will be run jointly by TBS students and the "Teaching and Innovation" department.

The inauguration of The Kube took place as part of the first “Innovation Day by TBS”.

TBS expands and supports educational initiatives to promote academic excellence and adapt teaching to the challenges of tomorrow. This first edition of a day dedicated to innovation in teaching based around the inauguration of The Kube is a reflection of the innovative culture and mindset of TBS. The Kube is a space to explore teaching methods and gain inspiration for improving the quality of learning and the success of each and every student.
Stéphanie Lavigne, Deputy Dean of TBS.