The TBS Foundation celebrates its 10th anniversary

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, the TBS Foundation hosted its dynamic supporters in the prestigious setting of the Aeroscopia Museum in Toulouse. Since 2008, 80 corporate partners, more than 700 individual donors (of whom 70% are alumni) and volunteers have, through their generous contributions and acts, supported the Foundation's threefold mission: 

  • to promote the school's equal opportunities policy (1.8 million euros worth of scholarships awarded), 
  • to support educational innovation and research and 
  • to contribute to the development of entrepreneurship.

On the program for this festive evening were a review of the Foundation's ten years of achievements, testimonies from beneficiaries, solidarity fundraising and the expression of our heartfelt gratitude to patrons. Future prospects were evoked as well, for which the Foundation intends to amplify its role as a catalyst for civic commitment to the education of young people.

“Business Schools have more than ever to take up the gauntlet and ensure their own financing. For the past 10 years, the TBS Foundation has been contributing effectively to achieving this goal. Its action has now enabled the school to adopt an ambitious strategy focused on meeting the challenges of the future, in the same way as the clusters it has developed for Artificial Intelligence and new mobility, but also for pedagogical  innovation. At the same time, the Foundation promotes academic excellence and equal opportunities for access to our courses. Its role is essential for the evolution of the school."

François Bonvalet, Dean of TBS

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