TBS Datathon 2019: 24 hours non-stop competition for our ‘data scientist’

This Big Data competition is the first edition organized by TBS: from a dataset and a customer situation faced by corporate partners, students will be challenged to create the best Machine Learning model in a limited time.

More than a competition, the TBS Datathon is an educational project designed to apply academic and technical concepts studied during the MSc Big Data, Marketing and Management program.

It’s also an opportunity for corporate partners to identify new talents and highlight their innovate and pioneer positioning.

Competition goals:

  • To apply “Machine Learning”, “Deep Learning” and Data Science knowledge through a practical project
  • To use a “Machine Learning” tool (Dataiku DSS)
  • To handle the stress of a time-limited project (24 hours)
  • To develop team spirit attitude and cohesion

Competition program:

  • Prior to the competition: follow up of preparatory tutorial
  • D-day: Introduction to Kaggle Competition: concept, case study and best practices presentation)
  • Launching of the Datathon: from 10 am (May 6th) to 10 am (May 7th)
  • May 7th from 10h to 12h: final project presentations ans Awards Ceremony at TBS Innovation room: The Kube.

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