Patrícia Bátovská: on the way to the Arctic Expedition Climate Force 2019!

Patrícia Bátovská: on the way to the Arctic Expedition Climate Force 2019!

Patrícia Bátovská, a young Slovakian student in the first year of the TBS Bachelor English Track has just been selected to participate in the Arctic Expedition Climate Force 2019. This polar mission at the initiative of explorer Robert Swan O.B.E and the organisations 204 and The Explorer's Passage, which advocate for a greener future, aims to inspire, educate and involve the next generation of leaders in taking responsibility to create a more sustainable world.

Active member of the Sustainable Development Office (B3D), Patricia has always been an activist interested in environmental issues. She is the only Slovak student selected from the 5,000 potential candidates, she will join 80 participants from around the world next June for a 12-day expedition. She will learn about climate change and develop leadership skills (speaking and writing workshops, coaching, oral presentations...).

Patricia has 6 months to raise the funds necessary for her trip. Supported by the TBS Foundation, the young student is actively seeking sponsors and has just launched her Crowdfunding campaign.
"Participating in this expedition is a unique opportunity. I am aware that I am very lucky. I have always wanted to contribute to a better world. As a direct witness of the extent of human actions in the Arctic, I could share my experience, acquire and pass on my knowledge and motivate others to adopt a more environmentally friendly behaviour. I am convinced that everyone is capable of being part of the solution and can have an impact at their own level", explains the young student.
Passionate and committed, Patricia plans to work on many projects to promote and share her experience: presentations or workshops in schools, associations and companies, creation of a blog, contribution to the introduction of ecological gestures within TBS (reduction of waste and CO2 emissions, encouragement in sorting waste, etc.), writing a travel book to share her experience and knowledge... And why not create an eco-business in the coming years!

"TBS has for many years decided to include in the heart of its actions elements of corporate responsibility and sustainable development. Our goal is to teach graduates to excel, be agile, be open and bold in a responsible manner. Patricia is a great example, we give her our full support", states Patricia Bournet, Director of the TBS Bachelor program.

TBS & Artic Expedition Climate Force 2019   TBS & Artic Expedition Climate Force 2019TBS & Artic Expedition Climate Force 2019   Patrícia Bátovská
 : en route vers l’Arctic Expedition Climate Force 2019 !