MIT Seminar on AI & Data for Good

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 MIT Massachusetts

An exceptional seminar with high-profile AI & Big Data Experts

Monday, October 7th, 2019

The TBS "Artificial Intelligence & Business Analytics" Cluster is pleased to inform you on its upcoming MIT seminar, which hosts a range of renowned speakers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Artificial Intelligence & Data for Good

Using AI & Data Science to improve societies

The MIT Seminar offers the unique opportunity to discover the research and points of view of expert speakers in the fields of Artificial Intelligence & Data Science:

Justin Anderson (MIT)

Justin Anderson is the lead developer of MIT Connection Science. He serves as the professional developer among academics who have more important things to do. His focus is on software that supports research related to privacy, security and data sharing. Previously, Justin served a similar role at MIT CSAIL (Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory). Prior to that he ran the MIT Mobile Computing group and was a developer in the MIT Kerberos Consortium.

Thomas Hardjono (MIT)

Thomas Hardjono is the CTO of Connection Science and Engineering. He leads technical projects and initiatives around identity, security and data privacy, and engages industry partners and sponsors on these fronts. He is also the technical director for the Internet Trust Consortium under MIT Connection Science that implements open source software based on cutting edge research at MIT. The consortium embodies the MIT philosophy of giving back to the community. As part of the MIT outreach to industry, Thomas is active in a number of industry associations and standardization bodies. These include IETF, IEEE, Kantara, OASIS, TCG and OIC. Throughout his 20-year career in the computer and network security industry Thomas has primarily been engaged in advancing new technologies, working in various CTO offices and advances engineering groups. Companies and organizations he contributed to include NTT/ATR Japan, Bay Networks (Nortel), VeriSign Security, Wave Systems and a number of start-ups. Over the years he has published three books and over sixty technical papers in journals and at conferences. He holds 19 patents in the areas of security and cryptography. Thomas has a BSc degree in Computer Science with Honors from the University of Sydney, and PhD degree in Computer Science from the University of New South Wales in Australia.

Sylvie Borau (TBS)

Sylvie Borau is an associate professor at the TBS Business School, where she teaches ethical marketing and consumer behavior. She is also a research associate at the Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse. In her research, she applies the insights of evolutionary psychology to consumption to better understand women in advertising, gendered marketing & gendered AI. Prior to entering academia, Sylvie spent eight years as a marketing research manager at TNS, IPSOS and IFOP, in Paris and in Toronto.

C. Stephen Buckley (MIT)

C. Stephen Buckley serves as Executive Director of the Connection Science and Human Dynamics programs at MIT. Steve runs "Sandy Pentland's Flying Circus" and acts as the key management lead, with responsibility for managing a team of faculty, staff and students, in creating an innovation-centric culture, to produce great research. Liaising with key external stakeholders, he increases awareness of, and engagement in, the programs, initiatives and projects. Previously, Stephen served as Technical Director at the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence ("CSAIL"). Earlier, he served as Senior Director of Systems Engineering, reporting to MIT's CIO. He is the founder of the MIT CIO Summit, the MIT CIO Symposium, and the MIT Kerberos Consortium. Stephen received the $100K Andrew W. Mellon Award for Technology Collaboration in 2008. At MIT's Sloan School of Management, he served as Associate Director of the Center for Digital Business, and the Center for Collective Intelligence.   

Kevin Carillo (TBS)

Kevin Carillo is an Associate Professor in Data Science & Information Systems at the TBS Business School. His current research interests include big data and data-driven business, artificial intelligence, free/open source software communities, online communities and peer production. Kevin holds a PhD degree in Information Systems from the School of Information Management of Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. He also holds a master’s degree in software engineering and applied mathematics (ENSEEIHT, Toulouse, France) and a Master of Science in Business Administration, option Management Information Systems (John Molson School of Business, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada). He worked as a university lecturer at Victoria Business School (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand), JSS Centre for Management Studies (Mysore, India), John Molson School of Business (Concordia University, Montreal, Canada), as well as in the United Arab Emirates.

Philippe Coste (At Home)

Philippe Coste is Partner at At Home, a community of 40 start-ups based in Toulouse and Paris. Engineer in artificial intelligence then entrepreneur, Philippe directed the school Epitech in Toulouse then integrated the national board to manage the innovation and the industrial collaborations of the 12 sites. He jointly managed the French Tech government project in Toulouse before joining At Home in 2018. Head of external relations, he leads the regional project of the Cité des Start-up in Toulouse and the Toulouse is AI program.

Samuel Fosso Wamba (TBS)

Samuel Fosso Wamba is a Full Professor at TBS Business School. He earned his Ph.D. in industrial engineering at the Polytechnic School of Montreal, Canada. His current research focuses on business value of IT, inter-organizational systems adoption and use, supply chain management, electronic commerce, blockchain, artificial intelligence in business, social media, business analytics, big data and open data. He has published papers in top journals including: Academy of Management Journal, European Journal of Information Systems, Journal of Cleaner Production, International Journal of Production Economics, International Journal of Production Research, Journal of Business Research, Technology Forecasting and Social Change, Production Planning & Control. He won the best paper award of The Academy of Management Journal in 2017 and the papers of the year 2017 of The Electronic Markets: The International Journal on Networked Business. He serves on editorial board of five international journals. Prof Fosso Wamba is CompTIA RFID+ Certified Professional, Academic Co-Founder of RFID Academia. He is the Coordinator of the newly created Artificial Intelligence & Business Analytics Cluster of the TBS Business School in Toulouse, France.

Michael Gibbons (Provision Analytics)

Michael Gibbons is one of the Co-founders and VP Product for Provision Analytics. As the leader for product strategy, Michael has focused on understanding the complex network that comprises the Canadian Food supply chain. Previously, he developed and oversaw the technical program for accounting and financial draw reporting process of the Telus Sky Project in Calgary, AB; a $250+ million-dollar construction project.   

Arnaud Grignard (MIT)

Arnaud Grignard is a computer scientist specializing in complex systems modeling and information visualization at the MIT Media Lab. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from l'université Pierre et Marie Curie-UPMC. He is now a research scientist in the City Science research group at the MIT Media Lab. While working on different fields of application such as multi-level, urban systems and human mobility, he develops a new approach called agent-based visualization to handle real-time visualization tasks applied both to data and simulation outputs. Since 2011, Grignard is one of the main developers of the GAMA Platform, a modeling and simulation development environment for building spatially explicit, agent-based simulations. His research has been applied in many different contexts, namely university research laboratories (MIT Media Lab, CNRS, ENS Lyon, UPMC), public health research departments (IRD, UNDP, Pasteur Institute), and within IT companies (Philips Research, Boston Consulting Group, Bouygues, Wanxiang).

Sandra Laporte (TSM)

Sandra Laporte is a full professor at the Toulouse School of Management, where she teaches marketing and consumer behavior. She has published in Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, International Journal of Research in Marketing and Journal of Marketing Research.

Esau Odie (Provision Analytics)

Esau Odie is the Director of Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics at Provision Analytics, where he oversees the direction of its strategic AI/ML and Reporting roadmap. Previously, as Lead Architect for TELUS Advances Communications, he designed and oversaw the development of one of the world’s largest purpose-built Business Intelligence platforms.

Bertrand Serp (Toulouse Metropole)

Bertrand Serp, a graduate of TBS Business School, he founded a communication agency in Toulouse while becoming actively involved in local politics. Already elected in Toulouse from 2001 to 2008 in charge of ICT, he is now the Deputy Mayor of Toulouse in charge of innovation and digital technology, information and communication technology. He is the mayor of Saint-Cyprien district and Vice-president of Toulouse Metropolitan to the digital economy and robotics. In addition, he is the President of « Toulouse Metropole Emploi » et de la Société Publique Locale « Réseaux d’Infrastructures Numériques » (SPL RIN) ». He is also the President of Open Data France.   

Fabio Zoffi (ORS Group)

Fabio Zoffi, born in Venice, Italy and living in Munich, Germany. Tech entrepreneur and Chairman of the ORS GROUP is a pioneer in A.I. and Blockchain —

Tentative schedule

October 7th, 2019 

  • 09:00 - 09:10 am - Welcome speech and presentation by Stéphanie Lavigne, TBS Business School
  • 09:10 - 09:15 am - Presentation of the Artificial Intelligence and Business Analytics Cluster by Samuel Fosso Wamba, TBS Business School
  • 09:15 - 09:30 am - Big Data at MIT: A Living Lab Approach by C. Stephen Buckley, Executive Director, Connection Science, Human Dynamics, MIT
  • 09:30 - 10:15 am - Managing Big Data: OPAL system for data sharing, Data Cooperatives by Justin Anderson MIT lead developer for OPAL, MIT, and Dr. Thomas Hardjono MIT Chief Technologist, MIT

Coffee Break

  • 10:45 - 11:00 am - Toulouse is AI: from an ecosystem to a concentrate of excellence by Philippe Coste, Partner at At Home
  • 11:00 - 11:30 am - Leveraging data science and artificial intelligence: Turning Toulouse into a smart city by Bertrand Serp, Vice-President of Toulouse Metropolitan Digital Economy and Robotics & President of Open Data France
  • 11:30 - 12:15 am - Turning Toulouse into a digital tourism hub by Fabio Zoffi, Owner & Chairman of ORS Groupe


  • 02:00 - 02:30 pm - Diffusing Artificial Intelligence and Data Science in Business Education Curricula: The Case of Toulouse Business School by Kevin Carillo and Samuel Fosso Wamba, TBS Business School
  • 02:30 - 03:15 am - Leveraging Machine Learning Algorithms and Advanced Traceability to Build Greater Value in the Food Supply Chain by Esau Odie and Michael Gibbons, Provision Analytics

Coffee Break

  • 03:45 - 04:30 pm - Andorra and City Science by Arnaud Grignard, MIT Media Lab
  • 04:30 - 05:30 pm - The Perceived Intelligence of Artificial Intelligence: The impact of gender and sexual dimorphism on chatbot’s perceived intelligence by Sylvie Borau, TBS Business School and Sandra Laporte, Toulouse School of Management


The MIT Seminar will take place on the Compans Caffarelli Campus of TBS, in the Lascrosses Building, Amphitheatre 27. 


We're sorry but the Seminar is fully booked and registration is now closed.