ANEDD 2019


Prizes worth € 1,000 for the best projects

On 4th April 2019, students from Toulouse Business School will host the 13th edition of the National Students’ Sustainable Development Assizes (ANEDD). It has become THE place for students and businesses to exchange ideas on sustainable development. It offers a unique opportunity for young people to experience, choose and taste what might be in their future.

The theme of this 13th edition is “Action now!”

Do you have an innovative, useful environmental and/or socially inclusive project?
Enter the ANEDD eco-awards for research before 13th March 2019!

The ANEDD Awards (National Students’ Sustainable Development Assizes) in three steps:

1. Use our online application form to send us your research project. The criteria are:

  • The impact of the research on the economy, the environment, society and businesses
  • Accessibility: spell out the different dimensions of the research project (from its origins to the potential uses of its findings)
  • Links with the three elements of sustainable development and the project’s relevance in the longer term 

2. From 18th March 2019, the six chosen entries from your category will be showcased on TBS’s website.

3. On 4th April, you will be invited to come and deliver a 300-second pitch of your project to students and a jury of professionals. In addition to the criteria above, you will be assessed on the quality of your responses to questions from the jury. Two prizes will be awarded:

  • The “Grand Prix for Research” awarded by a jury of professionals: your presentation filmed and broadcast, plus a cheque for 1000 euros,
  • The “Coup de Coeur Prize” awarded by the students: your presentation filmed and broadcast and a cheque for 500 euros.