The Foundation

The Toulouse Business School Foundation has been created!


In the higher education sector, as in many others, the battle field is now worldwide. The main objective of all Deans of all the Business Schools in the world is to attract the best students and the best professors, to improve the working conditions of the students, clients and partners, to be present in emerging zones or sectors and to develop ambitious and perennial partnerships with companies.

How many of them will really succeed in surviving in this global market? In Europe, probably a couple dozen. And the Toulouse Business School wants to be part one of them!

This is the reason why, three years ago, we analyzed our capacity to mobilize the alumni's network and also our network of partners to help in the development of the School.

With the help of a consulting agency specialized in fundraising, we then started a long process: constitution of an in-house team, identification of alumni ready to commit themselves to the project, establishment of a steering committee in charge of the Development Campaign, foundation of a "circle of Ambassadors", creation of a presentation for support that synthesizes our ambitions and our projects, and the setting up of an association in charge of collecting gifts which will be later donated to the Foundation, etc.

The Banque Courtois and the ATALE Association (Toulouse Association for Student Welcome and Housing ) were the first (see page 2) to be part of the project. Others have joined them, as well as many alumni who wanted to donate to the Foundation. At the end of this long-term job, which has called upon our energies and those of our partners, our Foundation's project was accepted in December 2007 by the Foundation of France. We are at a historical moment in the history of our School: the Foundation of the Toulouse Business School, under the aegis of the Foundation of France, will henceforth represent the principal developmental tool of the Group, capable of federating partnerships and their financing, within a transparent, perennial and fiscally oriented framework. Thanks to all those who have, or will invest their energies, skills and funds to this Foundation. In this way, they take part into the emergence of one of the leading international business schools.

Contacts - Information and Donation

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Fundraising Manager
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