The Foundation

Dear Graduates and Friends,

Pierre HURSTEL Président de la Fondation TBS & TBS AlumniIn an increasingly competitive market, Toulouse Business School is continuing to build its reputation as one of the top European business schools. To pursue its ambitious strategy, François Bonvalet, the Dean of TBS, can draw on the many talented people that make up the School’s ecosystem. Together, they develop the most effective responses to the school’s challenges, providing courses that meet the present and future needs of businesses, ensuring that the school’s training programs are accessible to students of all social and cultural backgrounds, building pathways to employment for every student, all around the world, recruiting the best research fellows and developing the school’s international profile.

Since 2008, the Toulouse Business School Foundation has been working alongside TBS, both by making proposals for the School and by providing it with the means to achieve its objectives. To date, over 450 grants have been allocated and a dozen major teaching and research projects funded.
Building on the work accomplished by our predecessors, the Foundation’s Executive Committee, which I have the honor of chairing, has defined three priorities for the coming years: increase our ability to help young people in difficulty, foster innovation in teaching and research, and support the international development of TBS.

On behalf of all the beneficiaries of the Foundation-sponsored projects, I would like to thank each and every donor for their support, as well as all those who will be supporting us in the future, driven by the conviction that TBS’s development is beneficial for all.

I would like to emphasize how important it is for our School and our Foundation to be able to count on the contribution and generosity of former graduates. Through their actions, they support TBS’s development and are the school’s standard bearers on a day-to-day basis.

The Foundation is far more than a fund-raising tool; it is a means of combining all the strengths and assets of the TBS community in order to ensure the school’s future and the value of the qualifications awarded.

Let us all work together to enable TBS to meet the challenges of the future and ensure the School has the requisite resources to achieve its objectives.

Chairman of the TBS Foundation & TBS Alumni
ESC Graduate 1980