Where are TBS's campuses?

TBS has 3 campuses (Toulouse, Barcelona, Casablanca) and 2 sites (Paris, London).

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What is the diversity of your international students?

TBS has approximately 1,500 international students across its 3 campuses which accounts for 25% of the student body.  Our international student body is made up of approximately 75 nationalities.

What international accreditations does TBS hold and why are accreditations important for a student?

TBS is proud to hold the triple crown in international accreditations: EQUIS, AACSB, AMBA.  These accreditations assure the quality of the academic prorams and the school in general, and will therefore add important weight to the student's diploma and assure its recognition worldwide.

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Is there a TBS alumni network?

More than 30,000 graduates are listed on the TBS Alumni Directory, from around the world.

The TBS Alumni Association's main aim is to form an active and enthusiastic network willing to help fellow alumni and current students, as well as to defend and develop the School's interests and those of its graduates. This website will soon be available in English

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Who do I contact if I have some general questions about TBS?

Contact International Student Services who will be happy to help you:

Which programs are taught in English?

The following programs are available in English:

Does TBS have international partner universities?  

Yes - TBS has approximately 170 partner universities with which we engage in exchange programs, dual degrees and double degrees, depending on the program taken.

What are the language requirements for a student who is not a native English/French speaker?

For each program there is a minimum TOEFL and/or IELTS score.  For international students who would like to study a program taught in French, they must provide a TAGE-MAGE score.

If a candidate has already studied a program in English for at least 2 years prior to their application to join TBS, they will be exempt from these language requirements.

Are there any scholarships available for international students?

TBS does not currently offer any scholarships.

Campus France provides a good list of national scholarships available for application from international students wishing to study in France.

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Can I move between the 3 TBS campuses?

Yes - depending on the program (please consult the pages dedicated to your chosen program).

What is the student-professor ratio at TBS?

Approximately 30/1.

How do I apply to join a program at TBS?

Each program has a simple and clear online application process and once our international recruitment coordinators have received your application and all necessary supporting documents, you will receive a response within 3 weeks.

Is there a service which helps international students coming to TBS?

TBS has an International Student Services (ISS) team which helps international students with all practical issues such as: housing, visas, banking, healthcare, French administrative procedures and more.  ISS is committed to helping incoming exchange and full-time international students make the most of their stay at TBS and offers support whenever needed.

Students will be contacted by TBS's International Student Services team before their arrival to advise about the preparations need for their arrival.  

The first day of the semester, ISS organises an Orientation Day especially for incoming international students.  The morning includes presentations from the academic teams about the programme and TBS in general, and the afternoon is dedicated to assisting students in completing administrative procedures such as: confirming accommodation, opening a French bank account, visa validation, registering for French classes, getting public transport cards, opening electricity accounts and more...

Local student volunteers - the Welcome Team - work closely with ISS and are on hand to help international students during their arrival and integration, organizing many informative and fun events.

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Is there any financial aid available for international students' living costs?

Yes - students from the EU and those student holding long-term, renewable visas (VLS-TS) are currently eligible to ask for housing benefits (CAF) of up to 25% of their monthly rent.  This is a logn administrative process, but TBS's International Student Services team can help students throughout the process.   

International students with a short-term visa which cannot be renewed are not currently eligible for this housing benefit.

Do I need a student visa to study in France?  How do I start the process?

Yes - unless you are a citizen from the European Union. 

There are two kinds of student visas for France:

  • Short-term (3-6 months), one-time vais which cannot be renewed - this type of visa is usually given to students coming to France for a short exchange period
  • VLS-TS visa: a long-term (1 year) visa which allows multiple travel into France and other Schenghen countries, can be renewed if the student plans to continue their studies or an internship in France, and allows the student to work part-time - this type of visa is usually given to students coming to studing in France for at least one year
In order to start the process, students must contact their local French consulate or Campus France.  The visa process can take up to 3 months in some countries, so students should start the process as soon as they have been accepted by TBS.
TBS's International Student Services assist all students with visa validation and/or renewal.

How can an international student take care of all the administrative process when they don't speak French?

They don't need to - TBS's International Student Services team is here to assist international students with all administrative processes.

Do international students need to register for French national health insurance?

Yes - if you are in France for more than 3 months, with the following exceptions:

  • EU students who have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), S1 form (which has replaced the E109 and E121 forms), or who have taken out a private insurance policy;
  • Students working during the academic year by their employer;
  • Students with French government grants;
  • Students from Quebec who have the following forms: SE401Q102bis or SE401Q106.

The French social security coverage for international students costs approximately 215 euros.  On arrival at TBS, all students will be given information about how to register.

What help is given to international students to find accommodation?

For TBS's Toulouse campuses: TBS's International Student Services team works very closely with a number of select student residences close to the two Toulouse campuses, as well as three agencies which are experts in finding private student accommodation and flat-sharing options in the centre of Toulouse.  ISS send out an Accommodation Guide to all international students in advance of their arrival - this guide lists the residences and agencies with which we work.  Our recommended residences and agencies take good care of our international students, provide discounted rates, and speak English.  Download the Toulouse Accommodation Guide here

For TBS's Barcelona campus: download the Barcelona Accommodation Guide here

For TBS's Paris site: download the Paris site Accommodation Guide here 

What is the cost of living in Toulouse?

Including rent, food, utilities, transport and other expenses the average cost of living in Toulouse for a student is approximately 1,250 euros per month.

Is there career development support for international students?

TBS's Career Starter team works with all students - local and international - across all programs, providing individual career development support and ensuring the employability of our students.  This service aims to support our students in the devlopment of their academic projects and of their chosen academic path, along with the support of TBS's diverse selection of business partners.  

Career Starter provides assistance with CV writing, speedcoaching, personal development, workshops, business forums and more...

Is it possible to find an internship/job in France if I don't speak French?

Yes - it is of course easier if you do speak at least a minimum level of French as the choice is will be larger, but each program has a dedicated team to assist and support students' search for an appropriate internship, either in France or abroad.  Assistance is also available through:

  • Database containing internship offers, updated daily
  • Internship database listing all interships completed by TBS students over the last 4 years, with company contacts
  • Company database
  • Support and advice in researching internships
  • Internship workshops in English and French

Part-time jobs as babysitters or English language teachers are always possible.