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Information about the Marketing SM2 Cluster

SM2 ClusterThe SM2 Cluster is a set of postgraduate programs (MS & MSc) with a strong core in Strategic Marketing and Management teachings. These programs are operated by TBS's Marketing & International Business Department, and are delivered on several campuses: Toulouse (in English and/or French), Paris (in English and/or French), Barcelona (in English) and Casablanca (in French).

Throughout all the programs of this Cluster, a special importance is given to the latest approaches to marketing and management, including:

  • new business models ;
  • digital marketing & communication ;
  • relationship marketing, experiential marketing, new data intelligence approaches including big data and smart data ;
  • social responsibility ;
  • cross-cultural management ;
  • project management and leadership.

Each of the SM2 Cluster programs are strongly focused on employment in order to train people to become efficient professionals, whatever their choice of specialization. TBS's Career Starter service delivers personalized coaching to help students achieve their potential.


For the 2017-2018 academic year, the SM2 Cluster programs are as follows:

  • Mastère Spécialisé en Marketing, Management & Communication (Paris)(French)
  • MSc in Marketing Management & Communication (Toulouse)(English)
  • MSc in Tourism, Hospitality & Travel Marketing & Management (Toulouse)(50% English/50% French)
  • MSc in International Tourism Marketing & Management (Paris)(English)
  • MSc in Luxury Industries Marketing & Management (Paris)(English)
  • MSc in Marketing Management (Barcelona)(English)
  • Mastère Spécialisé en Marketing, Management et Communication (Casablanca)(French)
  • MSc en Marketing, Management & Communication, track Marketing et Management Stratégique (Casablanca)(French)
  • MSc en Marketing, Management & Communication, track Social Web Management (Casablanca)(French)

Msc. SM2 Program ContentProgram Content and Schedule

Each MSc program lasts 15 months and is worth 90 ECTS credits. It is divided into 4 parts:

  • Common SM2 content: Most up-to-date academic skills in Marketing, Management and Communication, delivered by TBS faculty.
  • Track content: Sector-specific ( Hospitality & Tourism, Luxury Industries) or function-specific (International Development, Social Web Management, Strategic Marketing & Communication, Digital Intelligence and Marketing Analytics).
  • 2 electives: Allowing for customization of the program depending on the student’s domains of professional interest or needs (examples of electives include: product & brand management, CRM & social CRM, trade marketing, sales and negotiation, cross-cultural marketing, web design, etc.). These electives are taught by recognized professionals to help students get a first-hand managerial insight into their specialization choices. 
  • Internship: 4 to 6 months, in a company in France or abroad, and validated through a professional thesis. Students can also choose to write up a research report under the guidance of a supervisor in order to gain specific expertise in a domain of their choice.

Msc. SM2 Program Schedule


Toulouse, Paris, Barcelona, Casablanca (see each track for location).

Who should apply and what is the application process?

MSc programs are delivered in English and in full-time format. They are intended for students who already have a Bachelor degree in Marketing or Management with a proven level of academic results. Admission is through an on-line application procedure. Selected applicants will then be invited for a Skype or face-to-face interview to finalize the selection. Applications are open from November to June for non-EU applicants, November to July for EU applicants. There is a maximum number of 25 students per track.

Learning Innovation

SM2 labsSM2 labs is the SM2 Cluster learning innovation platform, in line with TBS beliefs of strong academic content applied to sound managerial approaches. This platform promotes innovative learning in all SM2 Cluster programs. Thus students will be able to acquire new knowledge and put this into practice through a number of contexts such as flipped classes, project work, seminars and workshops, professional experience games, case studies, e-learning.

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