MSc. Big Data, Marketing & Management

In brief

The MSc in Big Data, Marketing & Management at Toulouse Business School, aims at providing a solid multi-disciplinary training to help its students equip themselves with the necessary skill sets to solve today's marketing problems and become an essential part of their future companies' decision making process.

With 2 internationally recognised certificates and through a close collaboration with more than a dozen industry leaders, startups, and associations, the program confronts students, from the very beginning of the program, with the reality and multilayered complexity of big data, data-driven marketing and marketing analytics.

The explosive growth in the amount of data created in the world by humans and machines continues to accelerate. This data deluge coupled with a societal awareness of the strategic value of data, has engendered a global business paradigm shift: the advent of the data-driven business era.

Data-driven organizations are expected to gain $430 billion in productivity 2020 (IDC) while 70% aim at implementing a marketing analytics center of excellence by 2017 (Gartner). Experts predict that the marketing analytics market will reach $2.10 billion by 2019 (Research and Markets). As a result, the development of skills and expertise in digital intelligence and marketing analytics is among the top priorities for marketing professionals and firms. This worldwide skill shortage involves nearly all sectors and industries (such as retail, luxury, sports, banking and insurance…) with organizations ranging from startups, to marketing firms, and even to large multinational companies.

In this new big data business world, marketers need to incorporate data into their decision making processes in order to gain a competitive edge by: interacting with customers in a more personalized and efficient manner, by designing products and services that perfectly match customers' fast-changing needs and desires, but also by managing marketing and communication campaigns in real time.

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Participants must hold a recognized undergraduate degree in any field (engineering, sciences, management, economics…).
  • Mother tongue
  • or Bachelor degree taught in English
  • or English test such as TOEFL IBT 80, IELTS 6.5, TOEIC 800, Cambridge CAE. No prerequisite in French, but TEF II or equivalent may be required to obtain a visa.

Application fee: 130 € (non-refundable).

16 500 € for the complete Msc. program (3 semesters). This tuition cost includes the enrolment fees for the 3 professional certificates.

TBS student support staff are here for you whether you need help with a student visa, assistance with finding accommodation, or ideas for financing options.
  • One intake per year in October.
  • Year 1: Two academic semesters at Toulouse Business School.
  • Year 2: 6-month Corporate internship.

School & program strong points

  • TBS is triple-accredited: AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA
  • A program tailored for future professionals who want to embrace the data-driven marketing revolution
  • Includes 2 internationally-renowned certifications delivered by high-standard organizations and associations
  • Innovative pedagogical approach: iterative problem based strategy
  • High involvement of corporate partners/experts: Atos, Capgemini, PwC, SAP, Inbox, Synomia, Inbenta, Data & Data, Tableau, Dataiku, Dell EMC, IBM.
  • International Faculty
  • Masters taught entirely in English using a 'small group' approach
  • 6-month master thesis in industry
  • An international team for international students
  • A quality chart to welcome international students

Competences aquired

  • An in-depth knowledge of the key levers of data-driven marketing.
  • A cutting edge training in digital marketing and digital innovation management.
  • A thorough understanding of the most recent marketing trends in domains such as relationship marketing, CRM, experiential marketing, but also consumer behavior (e.g. neuromarketing).
  • The high-level management and communication skills allowing to be a key player in companies' decision making process.
  • A solid training in data science and big data analytics covering the entire cycle of marketing analytics projects (spanning from strategic to operational levels).
  • The ability to manage complex innovative projects in an international environment.
  • The opportunity to put into practice the theoretical concepts with real-life business examples and by interacting with leading industry experts in data-driven marketing.
  • The opportunity to enter a high-level career in industry or to become a digital innovation entrepreneur.

Typical jobs upon graduation

  • Marketing scientist
  • Marketing strategist
  • E-marketer
  • Data strategist
  • Data planner
  • Data analyst
  • Customer intelligence manager
  • Operational researcher / Experts in marketing analysis/ Marketing research / CRM / Credit analysis
  • Digital innovation entrepreneur


Program duration: 15 months: 9 months of full-time courses + 6-month corporate internship.

The program is composed of 6 teaching units that include the preparation for 2 professional certificates:  SAS Visual Analytics and Dell EMC - Data Science Associate (EMCDSA).

1. Data Science, machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Data structure and database management - Distributed database management and unstructured databases
  • Modelling techniques, analytics and machine learning
  • R programming
  • Deep learning

Partners: ATOS

2. Big data, Data-driven business and data-driven marketing
    • Big Data infrastructure and ecosystem
    • Digital Transformation & Big Data Analytics
    • Data-driven business models
    • Ethical challenges, privacy and digital rights in the big data era
    • The business value of big data
    • From big data to data-driven marketing

Partners: Capgemini, PwC, SAP, Inbox

3. Marketing Analytics
  • Data-driven marketing decisions and semantic data analysis
  • Semantic data analysis & Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Brand analysis and graph systems
  • Data visualization
  • Customer behaviour analytics

Partners: Synomia, Inbenta, Data & Data, Tableau, Dataiku

Elective 1

Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning

Partners: Dell EMC

Elective 2

360º customer relationship management & marketing campaign optimization

Partners: IBM

Elective 3


MSc Thesis

  • 6-month MSc thesis in industry and/or research lab (France or international)

The program also includes company visits and seminars.


Most of the classes will be held on Toulouse Business School's main campus, located in the center of Toulouse, the capital city of the French southwestern Midi-Pyrénées region, which is ranked among the 12 most dynamic European regions and enjoys a very active and supportive framework. The Midi-Pyrénées is known worldwide for its business and research platforms in the aerospace, agriculture and health sectors. Toulouse is the center of the European aerospace industry, hosting the headquarters of Airbus and many other aerospace companies. Toulouse is consistently highly ranked in students' preferred cities (taking 1st place in 2014).


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