MSc. International Strategic Business

What is a MSc International Strategic Business?

The goal of this program is to train students in the fundamentals of international business as well as prepare them to be international business leaders. The ISB program includes theoretical and practical knowledge of international business and culture as well as three, one-week long international business trips to Barcelona, Brussels and London; and three interactive workshops in Paris. The MSc is organized along four international axes:  Corporate Strategy, Finance, Marketing and Management. Throughout the program, students will work in cross-cultural teams learning how these four dimensions are interconnected so they become well equipped to make strategic business decisions.

Students are pushed to think critically and analyze all aspects of business and the international stage in decision making and developing a corporate strategy. Local customs and geopolitics must be considered before manoeuvring a company towards a new market. Students will learn how to identify, compile, analyze, absorb and synthesize available information from a wide range of sometimes complex sources. They will then be expected to draw correct, reasoned conclusions from pertinent data and recognize and evaluate global trends.

DurationDuration: 15 months
CampusCampus: Paris

LanguageLanguage: English
ModeMode: Full-time

Program Details

The program contains over 470 hours including face-to-face time with professors and industry experts. It bears a weight of 90 ECTS and includes a 6 month internship and six weeks of hands-on learning through the interactive workshops.
Students will be :
  • Immersed in European affairs, and more specifically the French Culture : guided tours of European Institutions, conferences, company visits, meetings with lobbying associations...
  • Given access to the daily realities of French companies through our partner-ship of industry experts.
  • Versed in interpersonal skills and intercultural communication, students will be taught the hard and soft skills of communicating successfully across different cultures. They will learn how to manage an international team.
  • Provided with a holistic approach to good business decision making strategies. Students will learn to analyze the geopolitical situation of various countries in order to take into account these factors when making business development decisions.

Program Workshops

Throughout the year, students will complete 6 thematic workshops. These workshops allow students to apply the theories that they have acquired throughout the semester. The workshops take place over one week and the transportation and accommodation costs are included in the tuition fees of the program.

  • WS1 – Team Development - Paris (October & February)
    Team, professional and personal development are essential soft skills to being a successful executive. During this workshop, students will learn: crisis management, stress management, emotional intelligence, decision making, self-confidence, assertiveness and leadership.
  • WS2 – Financial Tools, Products & Markets - London (November & June)
    Students are invited to TBS London to complete a group assignment relating to international financial management. This workshop also includes company visits and a series of seminars intended to assist students with the problematic they are expected to solve.
  • WS3 – Creativity Fabrication - Paris (December & July)
    The TBS motto is ‘Think and Create.’ During this workshop, students will be challenged to do just that. They must think about a product that responds to a specific need, design the product and then create it using a 3D printer
  • WS4 – European Culture & Economy - Brussels (March)
    Students are invited to Brussels to learn more about the European Union and its markets. They will learn about the issues surrounding the single market such as non-tariff trade barriers and the recognition and harmonization of skilled European Labor.
  • WS5 – Multicultural &Diversity Management - Barcelona( April)
    Students are invited to TBS Barcelona to complete a group assignment relating to multicultural business . Students will learn how companies in Spain have catered to its three main cultural influences: Spanish, Basque and Catalan.
  • WS6 – Final Capstone Preparation Seminar – Paris (May & September)
    The final project for the students is to create an International Business Plan using the reserach methodology CANVAS. This workshop provides students with the necessary information to begin thinking about their capstone project. Students will have 12 hours with a tutor and access to online resources.

Case Studies & Capstone Project

The cross functional case study courses reinforce the integrated learning approach. These courses will explain how finance, marketing, strategy and human resource management must all come together for the benefit of the company. In a globalized world, it is not enough to brand yourself as simply a marketer or  financial controller, young graduates must be flexible and understand the synergies between departments.
In line with this philosophy, the Capstone project will merge all elements of the program by asking student to create an International business plan using CANVAS for a global approach. Through oral defense, students must demonstrate that they have acquired the necessary tools to develop and implement an international business plan by pitching their conclusions to jury members.

Student Services

TBS Paris not only offers a quality program with outstanding faculty, but it also offers invaluable staff to assist the students during their time in Paris. Student Advisors offer guidance to the students, provide them with orientation information, student handbook and information concerning French administration: visa, housing, medical insurance as well as payment options for students.

Other student services include:
  • Career Starter Center - The career center is based in Toulouse and assists students in their search for an internship as well as internship agreements.
  • Library Resources – TBS Paris is partnering with Pantheon-Assas University to provide better resources to students. TBS has a highly developed system of e-reading and online subscriptions to magazines and newspapers worldwide.
  • Program Review Sessions – At TBS the students are at the heart of the school. Review sessions are embedded into the program to insure that student expectations are continuously being met.


Prior to the commencement of classes, students will be given access to the online e-learning platform. Completing the e-learning coursework is essential to the success of the program as it levels the playing  field and guarantees that all students have a strong understanding of business fundamentals before attending class. This in turn, allows professors to go more in-depth with their lectures and case studies.

Student support services

International Student Services

International Student Services
TBS's International Student Services team offers practical support and assistance to all international students from the moment of their prospection until the end of their studies at TBS, and beyond, including accommodation, banking, visa issues, health and more.
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Career Starter

Career Starter
A services dedicated to ensuring students' optimal employability, Career Starter offers guidance towards professional aspirations and aims to support our students in the development of their academic projects and of their chosen professional path, along with the support of TBS's business partners.
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Admissions & fees

  • Bachelor degree or equivalent
  • Educational background in business or prior work experience
  • Language requirements:
    • English mother tongue, or Bachelor degree taught in English
    • TOEFL IBT 90 / IELTS 6.5 / TOEIC 800 / FCE

4-step application process:

  1. Complete online application (Please select: Session TBS Masters of Science (MSc) - English Track)
  2. Submit supporting documents
  3. Take virtual interview
  4. Wait for admission results


  • Application fee: 100€
  • Tuition fees*: 16,500€

* Cost includes: tuition fees, access to the e-learning platform, travel and accommodation for the 6 weeks of workshops in Paris, London and Barcelona, and cultural activities organized by the program