MSc. International e-Business & Cybersecurity

apply onlineProgram overview

This program will inform and train decision makers about online business activities, how to identify cyber threats and how to put in place cybersecurity solutions.

MSc. International e-Business & CybersecurityIn 2020, there will be over 55 billon connections between humans and devices. This program will explain the digital transformation of a company outlining its impact in management, sales and daily operations.

But as people and new business join the online community, new security problems emerge: in 2017, 86% of companies around the world reported that they had experienced at least one cyber incident. This program will train decision makers on how to keep up with technological developments such as driverless cars, the Internet of Things or how to combat cyber threats. It will use case studies from cybersecurity firms such as BitDefender, Kaspersky or Symantec, and companies which were the target of cyber-attacks.

Type of Degree

  • Master of Science (MSc), recognized by the French Ministry of Higher Education through the Conference des Grandes Ecoles (CGE)

Academic Coordinator

  • Philippe DU FRESNAY, Professor of Cybersecurity Strategies and Operations


  • Job opportunities in the cybersecurity sector have been growing by an estimated 11% every year and global spending is expected to exceed to 1 trillion USD between 2017 – 2021. This program will graduate techno-literate professionals ready to enter directly into the global job market.
  • Public-private application, government policies against online breaches are expected to be worth 10 billon USD by 2020. The new General Data Protection Legislation, GDPR is pushing companies to control the way their data is handled and processed in order to avoid severe government fines. Graduates of this program will be operational in European law as applied to data protection.
  • Interactive, hybrid trading sessions: rehearsals, cyberRange & red teaming serious games will simulate real-life scenarios where students will assume the role of a company being hacked as well as the online hacker.
    Students will graduate with a Cisco Networking Academy certification in Cybersecurity.


  • This program will provide students with the strategy, vision and legal context to succeed in their career development as an executive in the field of Information Security.
  • Emphasis on E-Business: E-commerce, Business communities, ERP/CRM, Banner exchange, IOE/IOT, Business websites, digital marketing & social media, programing.
  • Emphasis on Cybersecurity: History of the Internet, Cybersovereignty & Splinternet, Blockchain & DLT protocols, tokens & ICOs, cryptocurrencies, cybersecurity at work, cyberwarfare.

Student Profile

  • Students in Business, Political Science, Engineering, Management or Economics
  • Professionals in Technology Management

Program Structure

This program is a part of the Marketing and International Business Academic Department with a wide portfolio of English-taught international programs located on he TBS Paris campus:
The Master of Science in International e-Business & Cybersecurity is composed of the following elements:
  • General education courses in Multicultural Management, Business Strategy, Leadership and HR, Financial Control and International Marketing
  • Specialized courses taught by professionals in the fields of Techno-literacy, legal application, operational case studies, e-commerce and cybersecurity
  • Workshops taking place in Toulouse, Paris, Brussels, Barcelona and London


  • TBS permanent faculty who couple their teaching methodology with current research
  • Industry professionals from social media groups to military and business consultants
  • Visiting professors from top universities in France and abroad


General Education Courses:
  • Multicultural Management & Cross-cultural Teamwork
  • Reshaping Business Operations to Define Efficiency
  • Unlocking the Leader in You
  • Designing the Value Offering in an International Context
  • Investigating What Drives Performance
Specialized Courses:
  • Techno-Literacy
  • Digital Economy
  • Digital Society
  • Digital Impact on Business
  • Cybersecurity Strategies
  • Cybersecurity Operations


During the program, students are able to benefit from the resources of TBS campuses in Paris, Toulouse, Barcelona and London as well as visit the European capital, Brussels.

Topics include: Design Thinking, Multicultural Management, Innovation, European Funded Projects, International Finance and International Communication

Internship or Research Thesis

To complete the program students must complete a 4-6 month internship either in France or abroad, accompaned by a professional thesis.  Alternatively, students may choose to complete a 6-month Research Thesis through a TBS research laboratory.

Career Services and Extracurricular Activities

While studying at TBS Paris, students will have the opportunity to participate in a wide-range of extracurricular activities through the student clubs as well as French Language Courses.

The Career Starter is an integral part of the program.  Through a series of workshops and individual interviews, the Career Starter teaches students about the current professional environment and trends.  Students must analyze the 10 essential competencies for managers and apply these competencies to their professional and academic backgrounds.  Through the support of online questionnaires, students will become more self-aware.  With the help of a career coach, students will create a professional trajectory or roadmap.  They will learn how to pitch their competencies demonstrating their added value in the French/global job market.

DurationDuration: 15-18 months
CampusCampus: Paris

LanguageLanguage: English    
ModeMode: Full-time

TuitionFeesTuition Fees: 16 500€
Appli FeesApplication fees: 130€

Appli FeesIntake: Oct & Feb
DeadlineDeadline: June & Dec

Career opportunities

  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISCO)
  • Business Intelligence Officer
  • Information Technology Manager
  • Legal Operations Associate
  • Director of Global Legal Solutions
  • Online Acquisitions Manager
  • Head of E-Commerce Partnerships and Development
  • Business Development & Digital Brand Manager
  • Social Media Marketing/e-Networking
  • Digital Marketing Communications
  • Email/Marketing Campaign Management
  • Computational Advertising. Search Relevance, SOE/SEM
  • Channel Marketing, Mobile Marketing


  • Academic requirements: 4 year Bachelor degree*
  • Language requirements:
    • English mother tongue, or
    • Bachelor degree taught in English, or
    • TOEFL IBT 80 / IELTS 6.5 / TOEIC 800 / FCE

4-step application process:

  1. Complete online application
  2. Submit supporting documents
  3. Take virtual interview
  4. Wait for admission results