Tailor-made Training

Guiding change and improving performance in companies

Capitols puts its expertise to use by companies in the design and implement of "tailor-made" training programs, genuine catalysts for change and performance accelerators.

Developed in full agreement with corporate leaders, these programs take into account the context and the specific objectives of the partner company.

In these programs, Capitolis is committed to :

  • accompany change and the implementation of corporate development strategies in order to define training objectives,
  • adapt the studies to specific company characteristics and issues,
  • facilitate the understanding and the immediate implementation of the concepts and tools taught.

"Tailor-made" programs

Pierre FABRE : Medical-Marketing School

Led by the Toulouse Business School, the Pierre Fabre Medical-Marketing School has already taught 4 classes of Master's in Health students :

The Medical-Marketing School awards a Master's in the Management of Health / Health Industries with the specialization: "Health & Beauty Medical Marketing". The program has achieved a dual goal: give the Pierre Fabre group the means to develop and fulfill its role as a corporate citizen by offering young recruits employment coupled with training leading to qualification and a diploma. For the first time, instruction given within a company will be certified by a diploma that has received the "label" of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles.

Catherine BAISSAC, Director of the Pierre Fabre Group's Medical-Marketing School.

La Caisse d'Epargne : Banking Insurance Professional Platform

The Caisse d'Epargne Midi-Pyrenees' Banking Insurance Professional Platform welcomed its 10th class in January 2008 :

Founded in 1998 in partnership with CENCEP (a national network of savings banks), this training course leading to professional qualification lasting 50 days is aimed at Agency Managers in the network with the objective of optimizing their management skills.

In 2006, the Caisse d'Epargne Midi-Pyrenees' Banking Insurance Professional Platform was awarded the B.A.D.G.E. "label" that is awarded by the Conference des Grandes Ecoles.

Elisabeth CREPIN-DALLE, head of training at the Caisse d'Epargne Midi-Pyrenees.

Orange : Spin-off School and School of Territorial Management

Spin-off School: to accompany ORANGE's spin-off policy, Capitol has developed a training program in business management aimed at ORANGE executives with a start-up project for the creation of a business.

A first group of about 15 managers followed the entire program between May and December 2007.

"For 10 years now, Orange has put into place a spin-off system to accompany employees in the group who wish to embark on a creative project or start a business. It is within this framework that the partnership began with the Toulouse Business School. With their support, we have designed a training program designed to give our employees a real idea of the issues concerning the taking over of a business. The training lasts 11 days spread out over 6 months, allowing candidates to work on their personal project and provides essential tools for a rational and professional approach to the taking over of a company. This training has proved to be rich, dynamic and motivating and has given us the desire to go even further ...

Claude ROUMIGUIE, Head of spin-offs with ORANGE.

School of Territorial Management: in the same way, ORANGE entrusted Capitolis with the implementation of a training program for Orange managers wishing to move towards public service

"I now have a better vision of the tasks of the public sector, I even found jobs that I did not know even existed ... above and beyond the theory, I appreciated the sharing of experiences ... what is not found in books! , "Said one of the participants after the training.

"They are now ready to achieve mobility in this area, 2 of them already realized their dream on July 1st by joining the Abbaye École de Sorèze (Tarn) for Christine as Administrative Director and the Mairie d'Alzonne (Aude) for André as Secretary General.

Alexander Martinez, Director Territorial Midi-Pyrénées/Languedoc-Roussillon France Telecom, has presided over the completion of this program by giving each of the Toulouse Business School Certificate."Béatrice SANCHEZ, Mobility Manager with Orange

Latécoère : School of Management

The LATECOERE Group's Management School aimed at "high potential" managers in the group, was founded in 2004 in partnership with Capitolis :

The increased activity of the structure, the management of subsidiaries in France and abroad, as well as prospects for the future created a need for strengthening of the group's management capacity, hence our idea to create a in-house school of management.

The program, designed by Capitolis in close collaboration with the Group's Executive Committee, is based on the acquisition of the fundamentals associated with current management practices and an openness to the world outside the company, particularly through conferences.

"This training is part of the LATECOERE Group's strategy based on growth, competitiveness, skills and consolidation of a Group culture ... We were looking for a recognized institution, with both regional and international experience. "

Christian Beugnet, General Secretary of the LATECOERE Group

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