Executive education degree programs and qualification programs

Certify your acquired knowledge and/or skills, accelerate your career and develop your skills by means of a degree program or a qualification program ... whole continuing to work at the same time

General Programs

Master's in Management by Executive Education
Prepare TBS's degree part-time and jump-start your career

Management Consulting MBA
Become a management consultant in an international context

Aerospace MBA
Train future leaders and pilots of change in the aeronautical sector

Get training in company management

B.A.D.G.E. : Profession : Manager
Acquire managerial skills with the aim of taking on an executive position

Specialist Programs

Institute of Management and Information Systems (Institut de Management et Systèmes d'information (IMSI))
Training for future managers who will specialize in information systems, and master the business environment as well as management and organizational tools.

B.A.D.G.E. : Internet, Marketing and e-commerce
Improve your skills in information and communications technologies

B.A.D.G.E. : Developer of Sales Activities
Acquire the professional skills that are essential to the implementation of sales strategies and action plans and the management of sales teams

Master's :

  • Human Resources Manager
  • Internal Auditing and Management Control*
  • Marketing Management & Communication

* Possible through the accreditation of prior or experiential learning (VAE)

Health management :

  • Health Industries
  • Health management :
  • Social and Health Structures
  • Assets Management


Other Master's

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