Program Structure

The Fundamentals of Business

The Bachelor in Management program offers an intensive core curriculum enhanced by a series of 4 paths and 80 elective courses.

  • Cliquez pour agrandir l'imageIn the first year you acquire foundation knowledge, methods of reasoning and study skills.
  • In the second year you improve your fundamental knowledge and choose a path that matches with your career goals.
  • In the third year you strengthen your skills in two major aspects of business: team management and international business.  You also have the opportunity to choose from a broad range of elective subjects.



Teaching Disciplines

The Bachelor in Management program is designed to help students succeed in companies. Therefore, the disciplines we teach directly prepare students to meet specific professional objectives.

Professional objectives
Related Teaching disciplines

Environment of the firm

To train graduates to be capable of understanding the firm and its environment

- Macro-Economics
- Organisation of the Firm
- Business Ethics
- Industrial Sociology
- European Economics
- European Union Law

Commercial growth of the firm

To train graduates to be capable of :
- opening up new markets
- identifying new needs
- developing new products and services

- Marketing
- Industrial Marketing
- Direct Marketing
- Sales (BtoC / BtoB)
- Accounting
- Management
- Cost Pricing
- Distribution Channels
- Merchandising
- Panels
- Logistics
- Purchasing
- Company law
- e-Management

Sustainability of the firm

To train graduates for management posts in which they will have to:
- stimulate teams
- develop and manage profit centres (subsidiaries, agencies,...)
- participate in strategic decision-making

- Psycho-sociology
- Study of Organisations
- Human Resource Management
- Team Management
- Sales Force Management
- Change Management
- Budgetary Control
- Strategic Marketing
- Business Law
- Methodology
- Business Communications

Internationalisation of the firm

To train graduates in the international dimension of business so that they are capable of :
- joining multicultural teams
- developing and running structures abroad
- opening up and developing export markets

- English/Spanish or English/German as a foreign language
- Intercultural Management
- International Marketing
- International Distribution



Language of Instruction
Focus Areas
International Management

Toulouse and Barcelona

(The 2nd year of this path will be completed at an international partner university)

English, Spanish or German

(depending on the partner university in the second year)

International marketing, geopolitics, fair trade and international strategies, managerial practices in relation to international business
Aviation Management



Management of airports, airlines and companies in the aeronautic field, in partnership with ENAC/Ecole Nationale d'Aviation Civile (French aviation university)
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Students learn to detect opportunities, analyze projects' economic potential, and prepare a business plan

Social Web & Digital Marketing


English (Barcelona campus)

or French (Toulouse campus)

e-business, enterprise application integration, customer relationship management, and new management practices relating to online technologies