TBS Research Centre

Mastering the Science of Management

Research activity within the TBS is focused in the TBS Research Center. It applies research concepts and methodologies to the science of management at TBS.  It is made up of five research groups which deal with academic themes in the science of management:

Entrepreneurship and Strategy

Risk management, entrepreneurial strategies, company networks, inter-company
cooperation, stakeholders and strategy.
Head: Stéphanie Lavigne s.lavigne@tbs-education.fr


Financial Economics

Finance, business engineering, management and econometrics, market microstructure, company governance, industrial regulation.
Head: Laurent Germain l.germain@tbs-education.fr


Marketing & Communication Networks

Internet marketing, on-line virtual communities, e-learning, B2B marketing, communication.
Head: Jean-Marc Decaudin jm.decaudin@tbs-education.fr 


New Management Practices

SMEs, cultural organizations, public sector, internationalization, performance management, anthropology and ethnography.
Head: Simon Alcouffe s.alcouffe@tbs-education.fr


Work, Employment and Health

Employment policy, the European labor market, restructuring, social dialogue, skills, training, diversity, equality, multicultural management, corporate social responsibility, health.
Head: Cordula Barzantny c.barzantny@tbs-education.fr



Research as a Driver of Innovation and Efficiency

A leading business school must not only ensure its students adapt to a professional context but must also prepare them to introduce the latest methods and techniques in management. Furthermore, it must also enable them to develop this practice throughout their business careers. As a fundamental tenet of the school's approach, research continues to inform and develop both programmes and teaching.

The school's structure allows younger teachers to work on their doctoral studies and pursue further research. TBS professors are active members of numerous scientific associations, both in France and internationally, and present their research at various conferences including Association Française de Marketin', Academy of Management, European Finance Association, and the American Finance Association. Various specialized business journals also publish their work, such as Review of Financial Studies, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Finance, Revue Française de Gestion, Décisions Marketing, and Gerer et Comprendre.