Marketing and International Business

Laurence BUNDY
Laurence BUNDY

Head of Departement Marketing and International Business

The Department of Marketing and International Business delivers high-quality training to students in TBS Bachelor's, Master's, MBA and Executive Education programs in order to enable them to meet today's challenges faced by marketers, including:

  • increased global competition
  • rapid obsolescence of products and services
  • the continuing evolution of Information and Communication Technology and new media
  • crises in mass consumption models and changing consumer behavior patterns
  • marketing challenges regarding health and environmental crises
  • the (r)evolution of distribution methods, access to goods and services

The principle objective of the department is to provide training in the various fields of marketing, market share, and international development across all sectors and in all types of organizations (industrial or distribution companies, services providers, public institutions or associations, etc.).

Learning Opportunities

The department provides students in the Bachelor's program with a solid foundation in the techniques of operational marketing and international trading, and it provides the basis of the Management and Marketing in the Wine Trade path.

We offer students in the Master's in Management program on all TBS campuses the opportunity to complete a Specialized Master's in Marketing Management and Communication or to choose one of many professional options (in French or English) related to industries or occupations: Business-to-Consumer Marketing (B-to-C), Business-to-Business Marketing (B-to-B), Services Activity Management, International Business, International Marketing Management, and Management of Cultural and Creative Activities.

The department also manages the Specialized Master's in Marketing Management and Communication, available in French or English on our Toulouse, Paris, and Casablanca campuses.

Teaching Staff

The department has 16 faculty members, as well as affiliated professors and high-level professional lecturers who share their expertise with students.

The 14 research professors of the department fall within two research groups, according to their study topics and research methods:

  • Accounting, Control & Performance Management (ACPM): Research professors in this group often adopt approaches that integrate the social sciences and humanities (ethnography, sociology, psychology, etc.) and promote qualitative methods.  The results of their research are presented at international conferences and published in books and in national and international academic journals.
  • Internet Marketing & Communication (IMC): Research professors in this group concentrate mainly on topics related to e-marketing and to B-to-B marketing.  IMC researchers regularly publish reference works in their field, which are often translated and published across many countries, including the UK, the US, Spain, China, Italy and more.  They also participate in international conferences on marketing research and publish scholarly articles in academic journals.