Management Control, Accounting and Auditing

Head of Department

The Department of Management Control, Acconting and Auditing prepares students to meet the challenges faced by today's businesses due to economic uncertainties, increasing competition, and evolving international accounting standards.

Learning Opportunities

A fundamental knowledge of accounting and controlling is invaluable to all business professionals.  Thus, every TBS program - from our bachelor's and MBA programs to executive education - includes training in these subjects.

The Department of Management Control, Accounting and Auditing also offers advanced courses in accounting, controlling, auditing and consulting for students who enroll in the following specialized options:

  • The Diploma in Accounting and Management (DSCG) path within the Masters in Management program
  • The Controlling, Governance and Risk Management professional option available within the Masters in Management program on our Toulouse and Barcelona campuses
  • The Specialized Masters in Internal Audit and Management Control (ranked as the No.1 program in this filed in France in the SMBG/Best Masters 2011 ranking)

Students in our programs develop technical expertise in accounting, management controll, and auditing.  They also cultivate interpersonal skills and a critical eye that will help them to be effective managers.

Teaching Staff

The department consists of 11 professors, lecturers and professional accountants, as well as affiliated faculty and senior professionals.  This team trains students to interpret accounting information and use new tools to manage organizations.  The Audit Chair, in partnership with Ernst & Young, KPMG, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Mazars, contributes to the development and excellence of the audit path.

Research professors in the department belong to the Accounting, Control & Performance Management research lab.  Their research often adopts approaches that integrate aspects of social sciences and humanities (such as ethnography, sociology and psychology) in order to examine human, organizational and institutional issues influencing management practices and their dissemination.  The results of this research are presented at international conferences and published in books and academic journals.