CSR and Human Resources

Head of Department

The Department of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Human Resources trains future managers to contribute not only to a company's economic performance but also to its social responsibility.

Managers today are tasked with more responsibilities than ever before - they are often involved in supervising staff, maintaining well-being and equality in the workplace, adhering to legal frameworks, managing conflict, motivating their teams, and much more.  Our department aims to give students the tools to organize, manage and promote leadership development in their teams, no matter their future profession.

Learning Opportunities

We offer specialized programs for future HR specialists who wish to secure high-level positions within companies (as experts in the fields of training, recruitment, social development, compensation, and operational HR managers) or who are interested in the field of HR consulting.

  • The Management and Decision major and the CSR and Human Resources professional option offer greater specialization in these areas within the Master's in Management program.
  • The Specialized Master's in Human Resources provides part-time training, specially designed for working professionals.
  • International Seminars on management, employment and training, and the labor market at European and international levels.

Our courses balance theoretical reflection with practical training.  Each of our programs includes modules covering organizational behaviour, introduction to CSR, team management, and the methods and tools of fundamental HR management.

Teaching Staff

The department's 12 faculty members, as well as its affiliated professors, are members of the Work, Employment, Health research group.

Our staff remain active in the industry through participation in professional associations (such as ANDRH, CMRH and FACE Toulouse), or through the creation of department chairs.  They also contribute to academic research and help organize conferences.  Recent conferences have included the 5th International Conference on Equality Diversity Inclusion, the 20th French Association of Human Resource Management Conference, and the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM) Conference.