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International Research Conference on Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Education

University of Toulouse, Toulouse Business School, 27 - 28 April 2017, Toulouse In search of innovative pedagogies and relevant teaching models Entrepreneurship Education is a focal point in the...

Watch Gregory Voss conference at Pamplin College of Business

Gregory Voss, Professor of Business Law at Toulouse Business School, participated at a speaker serie featuring international scholars at Pamplin College of Business and University Libraries. Voss...

27 Jan.

David Stolin on the Financial Times’ Podcast

David Stolin, Finance Professor at Toulouse Business School, has discussed about his research on American Banks’ position regarding “Fint
17 Jan.

New article from Philippe Naccache published on European Financial Review

"Corporate Social Responsibility: The Need for a Bottom-up Approach" has been published on the January issue.

24 Apr.

Fund houses favour rivals at annual general meetings on the Financial Times

Financial Times writes about research by David STOLINHis research with Aneel KESWANI and Anh TRAN at Cass Business School about governance of financial institutions is called ‘persuasive’ 

21 Jan.

New book from Dr.Gregory Voss

01 Jun.

Delphine Gibassier has published on its blog an article on green accounting

Her article is entitled « Danone has found ways to innovate in terms of green accounting ».
03 Nov.

Cordula Barzantny Member of the International Advisory Board Bradford School of Management

Cordula Barzantny is invited to Bradford School of Management, UK – as International Advisory Board for 3 years.

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Entrepreneurial Process and Social Networks: A Dynamic Perspective

Entrepreneurship is undoubtedly a social process and creating a firm requires...